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Jan 31, 2010 3:55 PM CST
Name: Linda (Lin) Vosbury
Daytona Beach, Florida
We lost our cat "Cali" last May. I always called her our "Cat of many colors." Cali was almost 15 years old, with kidney failure. My husband administered Sub-Q fluids on a daily basis for a few months. She was such an even tempered kitty, never complained and continued to do very well until one day suddenly suffering a stroke. As hard as it was to do, we knew the time had come where we had to let her go, and so a final trip to the Vet was inevitable. Cali is buried in a corner of our backyard in our pet memory garden. I will miss this kitty until the day I leave this earth.

Cali's story: She was a stray that found me! I was working out in the front yard one summer day and heard a faint meowing, and looked up to see this little kitty sitting by a wooded lot across the road from our house. I walked slowly towards her calling "Here kitty" but she was frightened and ran back into the woods. I resumed my weeding but kept looking in that direction and calling "Here kitty" and talking softly to her. She finally ventured back out, coming part way across the road and then sitting and mewing at me. I called to my husband and he got a bit of cat food and we were eventually able to coax her over to the front walkway of our house. She was so tiny and so skinny, but seemed to crave love and attention even more than food. She would eat a nibble, then rub against us crying to be petted, then eat another little bit ... and for about thirty minutes this went on.

We brought her into the house and made her a safe spot in the guest room away from the other cats (we had called our Vet to set up an appointment and he told us to keep her isolated from the other cats until she could be checked out.) The next day when we took her in, they estimated her age at @ 1 year old and discovered she was pregnant but all of the babies had died and were decaying inside of her. The Vet said it was doubtful she would have lived much longer if we hadn't found her. She stayed overnight at the veterinary clinic and they did the necessary surgery, spayed her and gave her the common feline vaccinations. From the moment we brought her home, she was the most loving cat we've ever known. Although we've had many cats in our 40 years of marriage, both my husband and I realized she was the most special. I know you are not supposed to play favorites and we really didn't. All of our other critters are treated with the same love and affection and care, but Cali just held a very special place in our hearts because of her sweet demeanor. Our cats are all indoor kitties, we've had a few over the years who've tried to run outside every chance they got. Not our Cali, I think I could have stood with the door open all day and she would not even venture a foot outside. She had experienced that life ... she was home now.

Rest in Peace "Sweet Cali"

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Feb 5, 2010 5:28 PM CST
Name: Karen Allen
Fredericksburg, VA
Bless her heart! She is beautiful Lin... I know you miss her dearly... but remember that she is waiting in that other doorway to welcome you home one day!
Instead of running after perfection, why not simply walk in faith?
Feb 6, 2010 10:48 AM CST
Name: Linda (Lin) Vosbury
Daytona Beach, Florida
Thanks Karen, Yep ... I know I will see her again some day, and all of our human and furry family members who have passed before ... until then the sweet memories remain.
Feb 13, 2010 3:08 AM CST
Name: Mike Quinn
Danielsville, Ga.
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Lin, it always touches my heart, when I hear of the love that passes from animal, to human, and how the bond exist between them.
You, and DH gave Cali the love that put that sweet expression on the face of Cali, and life was better for all.Many sweet memories. Mike
Feb 13, 2010 10:47 AM CST
Name: Linda (Lin) Vosbury
Daytona Beach, Florida
Thanks Mike! We will always have sweet memories of our critters who have passed. Some memories of course fade, but we are always able to recall the most special ones and they sure make us smile!
Feb 14, 2010 1:51 PM CST
Name: Christine
Blue Mountain,NY
What a beauty she was. If they could only stay with us longer. My heart goes out to you.
Aug 7, 2012 5:17 AM CST
Ya , it always touches my heart,really when i remember my pet memories and the bonding which we have exert with
life was better for all.Many sweet memories. Mike.
Also wanna more info about the pet so just have a look of my
Oct 1, 2012 2:55 AM CST
Name: prayer for sick

Praying for healing for those who are in sorrow. God Bless You Angel

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