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Mar 23, 2014 11:22 PM CST
Name: Cheryl
Eastern Ky
Truth should be everpresent.
In the last two years we have had to say goodbye to six of our furry friends.

My beloved Shaq was first. He was a big beautiful black horse we had rescued from a very abusive home. He fell in the barn on a stormy night and broke his neck. I was devastated. When we rescued Shaq he had been so traumatized by the abuse that he could not be trusted. I worked with him for two years to convince him all that was behind him. He became my pal and we had a very special bond. He was a very proud and regal horse. I was beyond proud to be his person.

Three weeks later his barnmate, Glory, died mysteriously. We suspect she was poisoned but have no proof. She was beautiful and had personality plus. I cannot fathom what kind of person it would take to wantonly end the life of such a magnificent creature. We still grieve for her.

A year later we had to help our sweet mare, Coffee, cross the rainbow bridge. We had rescued her from near starvation that had left her with liver damage. It had progressed past the point of her having any quality of life and there was no cure or treatment for it. She was beyond beautiful and such a sweet temperament.

A month later I had to help my best friend, Galloway, follow Coffee across the bridge. He had been my constant companion for close to 15 years and his back legs refused to hold him up anymore. He was a part of my heart and soul and I will never stop missing him. Border Collies are special like that.

A few months after Galloway, we had to let our sweet Pemon go. He injured a hind leg to the point of needing it amputated but being a possum, the local vets would not treat him. He was a part of our family and we miss him very much.

Then, just a week ago, we had to let Ben follow his Momma, Coffee, across the bridge. He was suffering from a neurological problem and had no feeling in his hind legs. One night he laid down and could not use his hind feet enough to stand back up. My DH was beyond devastated because Ben was his baby. He was 65" tall and he followed DH around like a pup. I have never worked with a sweeter natured, docile animal in my life. He had kind eyes and I miss looking into them each night at feeding time.

We have been overwhelmed these last two years with so much loss and hurt but I would gladly go through it all again to have my life blessed by these wonderful creatures. Kind souls who were sent to us to brighten our lives for a time. They were all gifts from God.
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