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Sep 13, 2011 11:02 AM CST
Name: Ann
North Central Fl
Well, I was waiting until all the test trials were in before I posted so as not to have to recant anything.
First I want to say this & I can't stress it enough: It is only my OPINION but I think that if your dog is comforted by you touching or hugging it during T storms then the ThunderShirt (Tshirt) will work. But if however, your dog is like mine & only gets more anxious when comforted in any way even if it's by the dogs casual contact with you during a T storm then the Tshirt may not work.
This is what I found... for my dog... in our particular case.... at first it seemed to help her but we didn't have any MAJOR big time Tstorms. Only up to say 7 on a scale of 1-10. One night we had the worst I've ever been through... off the charts... unexpected, not predicted or I would have been ready. It broke smack on top of our heads, very low like the thunder & lightning was 15 ft. above the roof. At that point it was too late to put the Tshirt on her. She was a wreck & neither of us got any sleep.
After that she was worse than ever for a while. And I would put the Tshirt on her & she seemed to be worse with it than without it. I began to call it the scared straight shirt. Then I began asking her if she wanted me to put it on her. She would actually calm down at the "threat" of me putting it on her. So in a weird, reverse sort of way the Tshirt has helped. I know this isn't the way it's intended to help but whatever works right?
I wouldn't discount that it will help lots of dogs. It just wasn't any panacea for mine. See my comment at the beginning. I still stand by that. I have heard of many, many dogs who do much better with it. Mine just does better without it. LOL!
If you order it directly from they give you a 45 day money back guarantee so if in 45 days you find it doesn't work for you then you can get your money back. I say that's worth a shot! I think it was $35 or $40.
Again, I think the reason it didn't work for my dog is because she gets WORSE when comforted in any way & that's what the Tshirt is based on --- comforting your dog --- but if your dog gets better by being comforted then I think there's a very good chance it will work for you.
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