A Summer Stroll Around Hidden Valley Lake

By Chelle (chelle) on July 12, 2010

I hope you're taking a bit of time out from summer chores and duties to just enjoy the day. I recently decided that was exactly how I wished to spend an hour and a half, or so. Won't you join me as we check out what nature is up to today?

Hello there! Let's see what we can see on a field trip around Hidden Valley Lake. Let's go this way and take advantage of all the shade that we can. Whew! It's hot today!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/1a3a90

This new archway will hopefully be covered with climbing roses and clematis when you come back to visit next summer. This summer all it's going to have are annual vines.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/b9e79e

The lane is over this way, past my favorite ornamental tree, a Bird Cherry. Its new spring growth is almost a chartreuse green color, followed by white, sweetly scented panicles of flowers in May. As soon as it's finished flowering the leaves turn this lovely burgundy color.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/4675d9

Just a few steps beyond is our first glimpse of the lake. It's very peaceful today, but look out on the weekend! All the power tools come out then. *Groan*

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/cf9c5a

Over here on the right is the veggie garden. Man, don't those zucchini grow fast? It seems like I just planted the seeds yesterday!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/d94969

On your other side is the bird aviary and the Silkies. Heah... chick, chick, chick!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/385947

....and the peacock. The peahen must be hiding out in their little house.

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/2976a2

......peek in the barn for a quick look at Mindy. Hi Mindy!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/1ad239

Okay, here we are. The gate to the *back forty*.

Well, hi there little cutie! You must be the one eating my green bean sprouts!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/9622f7

We've allowed the trees and bushes to grow around most of the lake itself, as we've been in the process of developing this back acreage as habitat for wildlife for the last fourteen years. Deer are plentiful here, as well as other four-footed and winged critters.

Right here by the gate we'll check out some milkweed. I have no idea what that bug is! Do you? I've never seen it before. It's so neat to come out and really take the time to look at what's here. It seems that every time we do, we see something new.

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/e7c02b

On the lake side of the path we'll see the first of the native beebalm. How delicate it looks, but it survives drought and poor soil just fine!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/c46ec6

The other side of the path sports the first of two wildflower areas. My folks planted these about five years ago and combined they probably cover about an acre of ground.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/9822fa

Oh, look at that beautiful butterfly. Hold still a minute! Gotcha!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/dad1ac

There's a small orange one, too bad I've forgotten almost all of my butterfly knowledge.....oh well, this walk is just for enjoyment anyway.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/9bfe21

All right. Let's mosey on back to the trail, it's so much cooler over there.

Sensitive fern? Beautiful.... whatever it is.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/b789d2

Here's the next opening to view the water. An old, partially sunken  rowboat has been here longer than we have! The bass love to hang out here, so we leave it alone.

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/75d2fc

Look. Way over to the right, in the middle of the horse pasture, there is a young Catalpa tree. I love its large, lime green leaves.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/ed87ee

Now we're coming to the second wildflower area. Yes, it looks much the same as the first, but in a month it'll be filled with wild bergamot and goldenrod. The best part is, it only gets watered by rainfall. This is one batch of flowers that I don't have to drag hoses for!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/541148

Swallowtail? Pretty flying flower!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/0ea45c

Now we're rounding the back side of the lake where there are mostly scrub willow trees and sumac, with a few others we've added for greater height, (shade) and diversity.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/7efbcd

Honeylocust leaves. I just love the dainty, almost ferny looking leaves, but watch out for those thorns!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/604faa

This is a view of the far side of the lake. We often see deer when looking this direction. There's a natural, cool running spring over there that they love  to drink from. There's also a Canadian goose nesting barrel way over there. We weren't fortunate enough to have a pair nest there this spring, but we've had them in the past.

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/57d08f

Moseying on.....the scrub willows almost meet overhead. It's like walking under a natural tree tunnel.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/073f34

Back out into relatively open spaces again. I'm sure glad the sun isn't out today, too hot!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/0c4f76

Wow, was that ever loud!

Along the South side of the path there is giant Pampas grass. A long line of shelter-belt for slowing prevailing winds.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/fb1f13

Take a peek into the water... right about here. See the bass? This is one of their nesting areas.

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/ba8b9c

On and out the far side, and over by the fishing pier ....wait! What is this?
A Monarch caterpillar on some Joe-pye weed. Everyone tells me that milkweed is the only plant a Monarch eats. Not in my experience. I've only ever seen chrysalis on Joe-pye, never on milkweed. I'll keep looking though, maybe one day I'll see one!

Thumb of 2010-07-10/chelle/b6e784

Well, that's it for today! Let's find some deep shade, a couple of comfy chairs, some ice cold raspberry lemonade and have a chat, and maybe a cat nap!

Thumb of 2010-07-12/chelle/604697

Thanks for joining me!





Author's Notes ~

All images included in this article are my own.

Special thanks to Sharran, owner of Blue Gardens cubit for the impetous to publish this fun little article!


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