Plant Haven Seed Germination - Quick Guide: Eustoma - Lisianthus (Gentianaceae), Prairie Gentian

Genus and (Family): Eustoma - Lisianthus (Gentianaceae)

Common Names: Prairie Gentian

Plant Type (Hardiness)
Half Hardy Annual

Needs light for germination

Number of days from sowing to germination: 14 - 30

Optimal soil temperatures for germination (*F): 70 - 85

Can seed be winter sown

Ease of germination

Optimal seed starting medium
Needs sterile mix

Germination/ Sowing tips specific to this entry
*Start seed very early - seedlings are delicate and slow maturing.
*It is crucial that PH remains high for Lisianthus. [ see link(2) below ]

Visual Representations
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External Links

Posted by Bhawana on Dec 2, 2020 5:42 AM CST:
How To Grow Lisianthus Effectively From Seeds? (Exclusive Care Tips & Tricks).

Lisianthus plants are widely popular nowadays. They are commonly used as gardening plants and for the purpose of decoration. How To Grow Lisianthus is a big question for many people.
From the past five years, lisianthus plants have gained immense popularity. In fact, they are also sold as blooming plants. They grow alongside stalwarts like gloxinia and kalanchoe.

If you are planning to grow lisianthus plants, here are the tips and tricks you can explore to grow them more efficiently.

Posted by chelle on Feb 3, 2011 1:23 PM CST:
My test -

I started lisianthus from collected seed 1-29-2011 in between damp coffee filters placed in a baggie and set on top of the water heater. I had a shielded light 6" above, with a standard low temp bulb, left on 24 hours a day. I noted amazingly rapid germination by 2-02-2011.
On 2-03-2011 I gently misted the sprouts off of the filters onto damp, sterile seed starting mix with a neutral PH, and covered lightly, misting the top layer with water to finish. I then set the container under the light, and reset it to about 3" above the top of the container. (I used a slotted and lidded, plastic container that grape tomatoes come in from the grocery)

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