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» What Is Plant Haven's Mission Statement?
» What Are Plant Haven's Policies?
» Questions About Plant Haven?
» How Do I Become A Member?
» Who Is The Creator Of Plant Haven?

What Is Plant Haven's Mission Statement?
Plant Haven's Mission

Plant Haven was designed with the premise in mind of bringing back the joy, relaxation and pleasure that can be enjoyed in the practice of gardening. Forget "doing it by the book". Here at Plant Haven we'll join with fellow gardeners on a journey to rediscover the gardening methods that our grandparents used and relied upon. We'll also enjoy the newest member supplied tips and tricks to make our gardening experiences far more manageable so that we will have more free time to sit down, relax and just plain enjoy our garden spaces and our developing friendships with fellow gardeners.

Please join us in sharing our gardening adventures! Kick back, relax and enjoy!

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What Are Plant Haven's Policies?
Plant Haven Policies

While enjoying Plant Haven we ask that you treat others as you would wish to be treated. Be nice! Think twice about what you are about to deliver to everyone else on this site. That's it!

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Questions About Plant Haven?
Just click here!

This will take you to managements member page where you can post a note.

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How Do I Become A Member?
How To Join Plant Haven

Just click on the "join this cubit" button on the right side of any Plant Haven page. Then sign in with a member name for cubits.org. That's it, you're in!

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Who Is The Creator Of Plant Haven?
Behind The Scenes

The owner and initial designer of Plant Haven is cubits member, Chelle. Chelle is a lifelong gardener with a true passion for planting! She lives on a 10 acre parcel of natural paradise called Hidden Valley Lake, located in the mid-western state of Indiana. She is currently in the process of adding additional roses to her mixed planting beds and borders.

Chelle is also an avid horse-woman. "I've had horses most all of my life, I couldn't imagine a life without horses." Her mother has mentioned to all who will listen, that "the first word out of that child's mouth, was 'horsie'!"

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Plant Haven

For plants and the people who love them! Join us for great gardening adventures! Seed germination information database available.

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