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Johnny's Seeds Seed starting chart for your area!

Very useful for deciding when to start your seeds, and when it should be safe to set plants out into the garden.
Northland Rosarium Absolutely wonderful own-root rose plants. Shipped well in "band" size. Delightfully cared for starter plants. Some hard-to-find varieties as well.

Highly recommended!
Carol cared enough about my satisfaction to re-arrange shipping so that my plants would be here when it was most advantageous for the plants and for me. Thank you, Carol!
Hortico Nurseries Great rose plants, and advice! Members of Hotico's staff assured me that bare-root roses could thrive even when planted in the snow! They were right! I planted roses from them on December 8th of 2009 in zone 5. They are all up and growing well, even close to blooming already and we experienced a hard frost just two nights ago, on May 10th! Good advice, good plants. Highly recommended!
Brushwood Nurseries Great selection of Flowering Climbers, Viners & Twiners. Fantastic Garden Watchdog Rating, and their current shipping fee policy is "thumbs up"!
Rogue Valley Roses Great selection of well grown, rare, and own-root roses. Impressive plants!
Blog by Tim Woods Blog by Tim Woods
Article featuring Felder Rushing
To remind us that gardening doesn't have to be hard.
Kinsman Garden Video Display
Side Planting Your Containers
Hosted by Pamela Crawford
Amazing results!
Wisconsin Master Gardeners Program Articles and information on dividing iris.

Sedum, Sepervivum and Jovibarba Cubit Sedum and Sempervivum, Jovibarba and heuffelii easy, hardy, fun succulents. Databases, Articles,Trading Forum, Pictures, Links and sharing ideas on how to grow these wonderful plants.
Plant Haven Cubit Facebook Fan Page This is the Plant Haven on Facebook link. Come on over and show your support by becoming a fan, and remember to suggest Plant Haven to your friends! Your help in promoting this cubit are greatly appreciated.

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