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This database is intended to be a quick look up guide to seed planting, germination and winter sowing strategies. Most of the entries will be compiled as specific groups in accordance with their germination needs. The Additions Forum has been created as a place to note which plants need to be added to the database. Members: If you wish to you may add entries to the database. Your contributions will be appreciated by all. They will initially be placed in a queue and cross-referenced if feasible, or if indeed at all possible, before they will appear. Thank you for your support! I most sincerely hope this compilation of information is helpful for all of us.


Note 1) In regards to the winter sowing entries: most of these notations are prepared for a median zonal group; meaning that seeds noted as being winter sowable are so in zones roughly consisting of between 5 and 7. Gardeners in zones higher than 7, or less than 5 should be prepared to take this into account and make adjustments to their winter sowing strategies. All of our combined experiences will be helpful with this.


Terminology index for this database -

Winter sowing - the process of allowing seeds to safely germinate under their own genetically predetermined optimal conditions. This process includes the use of vented containers in which seed is sown. The containers are then set outdoors in the open beginning for some of the slower germinating varieties around the time of the winter solstice and continuing for a few months or so beyond. After the seedlings are sufficiently hardened off they are then either pricked out and potted up separately for further growth, or are transplanted directly into the garden.

Planting medium - optimal germination conditions for different seeds are oftentimes dependent on certain planting mixes. Some of these are entirely soil-less, thus we use the phrase "planting medium".

Cold stratify, stratification - The process of allowing seed a period of moist and cold temperatures, usually around 40 degrees F, which helps to trigger the seed to break dormancy. 


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