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Aug 4, 2010 8:16 AM CST
Name: Charlene Houseman
Lehigh Acres, Fl 33971
Newly transplanted fr Cen TX
My roses are in from Chamblees. I am offering some at co-op prices. Chelle bought some of these from me in the spring, so she might let you know what to expect. They are small own-root roses. Click my link to check them out.

As far as rooting my unpatented roses, I use several different methods. I get great results from layering. I first had this happen accidentally in the gh over the winter. I had two pp roses that layed over on nearby pots and rooted themselves for me. Of course that led me to purposely lay my patented ones over into nearby pots and I had great success with that. Also, during the summer, I have placed some in deep shade and layered them with success.

In the fall, I actually just stick cuttings in the ground by the mother plant with a great deal of success.

I also take a lot of cuttings in Feb when it is a great time to cut back the roses. I use rooting hormone on those and place them in dim light. I use vermiculite and a little sand for the rooting medium. I place these in sealed environment and watch closely for signs of any failures. I remove the failures quickly to prevent any contamination of the other cuttings. For the sealed environment, I use a variety of things that are handy, such as zip lock bags, jars, aquariums etc.

I think overall my favorite method with the least amount of trouble is the fall method of just sticking cuttings by the mother plant. I know that if these cuttings root, they will be easy to grow plants and come spring, they will take off quickly. They survive the same environment through the winter as the fully grown plants and this seems to make for a really hardy plant.

Aug 28, 2010 12:47 PM CST
Name: Michele Roth
N.E. Indiana
Charlene -

Thanks for sharing your rose rooting methods. Do you think they'd work in the frozen North, zone 5? I'd like to try it this fall. I love experimenting! Smiling

BTW - I never got an order in on time for any of your co-ops. Day late and a dollar short...once again. *Blush*

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