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Mar 27, 2010 3:51 PM CST
Calling of The Night

I can hear it calling,
That whisper in the night
That ever steady breath
That lives where there’s no light.

It ever only visits me
From the depths of endless dark.
Looming in my every thought
And pulling at my heart.

It feeds me empty promises
For it knows that I am weak,
Yet when the moon descends,
It hides in its deceit.

The sunlight is my solace,
It keeps me safe and sound.
But when the moon does crest once more,
To the voice again I’m bound.

It’s stay within the shadows
Like a thief within the night.
Waiting until I’m left alone
Without protection of the light.

When once again it calls to me,
This wickedly sweet voice
I know there’s no escaping
For I’m a prisoner by choice.

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