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Contributed By: crittergarden

Number of Servings: 18 ?

Prep Time: lots of chopping

Cooking Time: to taste

TOMATOES - 12 cups
Corn - 6 ears of kernels cut off the cob
Eggplant - 1 large
Bell peppers, whatever color - 4 large
Zucchini or yellow squash - 1 huge
Onions - 4 large
Garlic - 4-6 cloves, pressed
Parsley - about 1 1/2 cups, fluffy.
Black pepper to taste
Olive oil - 1/4c

For the versian I call "Italian" flavored:
Basil - about equal to your parsley

For the version I call "Mexican" flavored:
Jalapeno Peppers - 2, chopped and added with the veggies
Coriander - about equal to your parsley
Cumin - 1T ground

in an 8 quart stockpot:
Put in the tomatoes, cut up and I leave the seeds and (tiny cut or pureed) skins.
Turn the heat on low.
Add the other veggies, except the garlic, cut into the size you like.
Turn the heat to medium.
Simmer/steam until they are as tender as you like.
Turn the heat off.
Stir in pressed garlic, herbs and spices.
Let cool.
Stir in olive oil.

Quantities are for my 8 quart stock pot. I cook for the freezer. I make big recipes, often double them, then freeze them in individual servings.

I got the procedure from modifying "Helen's Polenta and Eggplant" in the old vegetarian standby "Laurel's Kitchen". For years I started with "Sautee onions in olive oil...." But as I aged and started paying more attention to FAT and CHOLESTEROL, I learned that olive oil is good for you ONLY IF you don't overheat it, at which point it's just like other oils. So I changed to this more simmery/steamy method and put the oil in last.

I started making this because long before I had a garden there was a farm stand that I drove by every couple of weeks and these were the things they had for me to work with.

Feel free to "wing it"! :-D

On September 29, I submitted a recipe for "Mexican Corn and Cheese Bread", which I like to serve with the Mexican version of this stew.

(Positive) Posted by Weedwhacker on Sep 19, 2014 10:26 AM CST:
Thanks for sharing this, Crittergarden -- I'm pretty sure this was one that was posted on ATP that I forgot about, and that was kind of the reason for opening up this cubit so it's already working!! :-)

I haven't tried it but will give it 5 stars because it sounds so good (and also because I apparently can't post a comment without also giving it a rating, LOL !)

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