Cooking Is Easy!

By Patricia Roberson (patrob) on May 8, 2010

There's no magic required to cook good food. It's really just a matter of reading and following instructions. My two sons learned to cook when they were in their very early teens for the same reason that I did. They were hungry! I was working very long hours teaching and sponsoring numerous activities in a small school, and they were tired of their dad's macaroni and ground beef casserole. As forty-somethings they still don't want any more 'mac and burger.'

When I was twelve, my Girl Scout leader stopped at a little bakery on the way to camp and bought pastries for all of us.  I ate my first creampuff, and my love of cooking was born.  After I returned home, I opened up my mother's cookbook, read the recipe, and decided I could make creampuffs.  The first batch was absolutely perfect, and I still remember my aunt's amazement that a twelve-year-old could make creampuffs with vanillla filling from scratch.  Reading is a powerful tool!

My two children are boys, and they are also good readers.  The elder surprised us with a homemade carrot cake when he was about twelve;  he grated the carrots and did everything from scratch.  It was delicious, and I was as impressed with his achievement as my aunt had been with mine.  Cooking is still a big part of his life and he and his wife enjoy preparing gourmet meals.

My younger son started cooking when he was about sixteen while his dad and I were kidding a large flock of goats.  Hunger is a great motivator!  He latched on to a cake cookbook that I had not found too useful and experimented.  The ones that turned out good, he and his friends consumed before we saw them.  We did hear about a couple of disasters that were disposed of before we came home.  A grape cake with a seven-minute frosting was one of those.  He learned that even if you have only a stand mixer and can not beat while cooking the frosting, it is not okay to choose just to mix.  His best friend said the cake sort of disintegrated when the uncooked frosting was poured over it and tasted like stale pop tart.

My younger son's wife does not really enjoy cooking, though she is a very cheerful and energetic dishwasher and kitchen cleaner.  Now that their first child is on the way, she is cooking more.  I started my cubit with her in mind as I am sharing recipes that are not so difficult, yet tasty.  I hope everyone finds something here that he/she enjoys cooking and eating.  I would love for all of you to contribute your favorite recipes as well!   




About Patricia Roberson
I started cooking when I was twelve and Mother was busy taking college classes. I found that reading carefully and following the instructions were all it took to prepare good food. There were a few disasters, of course, but far more successes. I became the family's grocery shopper and primary cook by the time I was in high school. My little sister said she would have starved after I graduated from college and left home except for the Char-King hamburger drive-in a few blocks away.

I am retired after nearly forty years as a high school counselor and English and Spanish teacher. My husband and I recently downsized to a small ranch where we keep my horse and continue to raise beef cattle on a smaller scale. We are owned by five cats that let us live with them and several feral cats at the ranch that meet us for breakfast every morning. I still enjoy cooking, but I am more likely to look for a quick and easy recipe now!

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