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Amaretto Brownies
Carrot Cake Cookies
Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars
Coconut Macaroons
Cookie Crumb Cookies
Creme de Menthe Bars
Crispy Oatmeal Cookies
Crunchy Toffee Cookies
Easy Lemon Bars
Fudge Overboard (like Red Lobster's)
Granola Bars
Granola Bars #2
Hilde's Lucious Apricot Bars
Holiday Snaps
Kahlua Fudge Brownies
Lemon Meltaways
Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies
Orange Spice Cookies
Orange-Nut Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies
Peanut Ice Cream Sandwiches
Raisin and Spice Bar Cookies
Ranger Cookies
Rum-Pecan Balls
Soft Oatmeal Cookies
Spice Cookies
Spicy Bar Cookies
Spicy Oatmeal Cookies
Toffee Bars
Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies
Triple Chocolate Cookies
Two Layer Brownies