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Tatiana's TOMATObase
Cornell University Tomato diseases
Iowa State Extension Tomato diseases and disorders
Wikipedia: Tomato Pathogens and Pests
Wikipedia: List of Tomato Diseases
Growing Heirloom Vegetables
How Do I Prevent Tomatoes from Cross-pollinating?
Information On The Use Of Epsom Salts To use or not to use. It is always a good idea to test you soil before adding anything to it!
J&L Gardens
How To Grow A Salsa Garden
Making and Canning Homemade Salsa
Clays Kitchen: Salsa Recipes
Pacific Bulb Society
Salsa Garden on Facebook
MoonDance Farm
Gourmet Garlic Gardens
The Sample Seed Shop Remy has good prices and she is very fast getting your seeds to you. She has a good variety of tomato seeds as well as flower seeds.
I Dig My Garden Gardening site
Tomatoville Tomato growers site
All Things Plants Gardening site
Dave's Garden Gardening site
Texas AgriLife Extention Service Tomato problem solver
Oregon State University Plant disease control
Pepper Seed Saving Guide Seed saving
International Seed Saving Institute Basic seed saving
The Tomato Depot Tomato growers site
Fermenting Tomato Seeds by Horseshoe Great How- To written by Horseshoe at Dave's Garden
Trade Winds Fruit Great seed germination tips!
Tomatopalooza Tomatopaloozaâ„¢ is the annual tomato tasting event held each year near Raleigh, NC
WinterSown.Org Winter Sowing is easy to do! With this creative and easy germination method you will be able to start hardy seedlings for pennies.
Craig and Susan LeHoullier, Raleigh, North Carolina Craig and Susan LeHoullier, Raleigh, North Carolina

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Growing Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic, Onions & Herbs equals an awesome garden and salsa too! Combining gardening and eating, two of our favorite things!

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