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Jan 31, 2016 3:33 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
I have some seed here that says Assam Pepper C. frutescens. I was googling to find out more information about it as the one time I grew these seeds I had a pepper plant that vined and didn't want to grow. When I google I get Assam aka Ghost Pepper . Now I know Bhut Jolkia is aka Ghost Pepper. A bit confused here. Confused

So I am wondering what I have and is there any pictures of what the fruit will look like for the seed I have?
Jan 31, 2016 4:22 PM CST
Name: Patti
Eagle Point, OR
If you got the seed from me I believe I got it from Redwood City Seed and I got 2 different types of peppers. So guessing it was crossed. Mother Nature has other ideas sometimes Smiling Have pictures of both:
Thumb of 2016-01-31/Patti1957/e81b87
Thumb of 2016-01-31/Patti1957/df7157

It is my understanding that the Assam is another type of Bhut Jolokia.
Jan 31, 2016 6:01 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Yes, the seed is from you. I'm giving it another try this year. : ) Frost had hit bad the year I tried it and it had just started getting blossoms when it froze so I never did get to see what it might have developed into.

Cool! Thanks for sharing the pics. You do have two different looking type peppers for sure. Blinking Now if I sow several seeds and get the same fruit on both plants and it looks like pic of one of yours, than would that be considered what the variety should look like? Do you happen to remember if your peppers were hot or a super hot?

[qoute]It is my understanding that the Assam is another type of Bhut Jolokia.[/quote]

Ok. So an I understanding this right that there are several different named cultivars but they are variations of the Bhut Jolokia? Have I got it right?
Jan 31, 2016 6:48 PM CST
Name: Patti
Eagle Point, OR
I was doing some checking and came across this site. It doesn't mention that it is a Bhut Jolokia so now I'm not sure. It actually says it is a cayenne type pepper.

Also found this info:

The more I read about this pepper the more confused I get. I'm not sure what the real Assam should look like. If you are wanting to grow Assam and have some confidence that it is the real one I would not use the seed I sent you, I would find a different source and give them a try to see what you get.

I can't remember how hot it was, I grew it back in 2011.
Feb 2, 2016 8:06 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Both of those links were very helpful. Much thanks.

I was wondering as Assam is listed as C. frutescens and the Bhut is a C. chinense. The first link you sent said that Assam ( which seems to be shortened from the Indian state Assame} has both of those two genes. That certainly would explain the different types of plant foliage and pods.

I noticed on the second link that further down the page it said that Assam had two types of variation in the pods.

From the description on the second link, I am, wondering if Assam and Bhut maybe were crossed somehow over in the Indian state. It had to be crossed somewhere along the line to get both genes, I believe if I have my genetics right and since their seems to be more than one variation of plant and pod showing up it is not a stable variety right?

I wish my plant would have survived. Since mine looked like nobody's picture and was doing a weird thing acting more like a flowering vine, it would have been interesting to see what the combination of genes had produced. Besides having those two main genes, it is possible that the seed had another cross from the seed company in it which is why mine was so odd looking.
The one I had was the craziest pepper plant I had ever seen. I had never seen a pepper plant just twine round and round like a flowering vine.

I'm going to plant more of the seed you sent me and see what develops. Maybe I'll get something like either one or both of yours plus another weird one like I had before.

Since Assam seems to have the Bhut gene in it and we know that one is a super hot I am going to class these seeds into my super hot pile too for now.

I appreciate you hunting the info. At least now I have a bit of a better understanding of this pepper and will be looking for variations in it. If I do get pods, should I consider bagging the fruits or not?

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