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Aug 31, 2011 10:21 PM CST
Name: Susan
Torrington, Alberta, Canada
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Prayers for my ex, Steve, please. He had heart surgery Aug 30th, and while he was complaining last night that they wouldn't let him have even water, he seems to be "out of the woods". The first 2 times he "just" had angina attacks (while he was out on the road - he's a trucker - 75% blockage, and 90% blockage!!), and the last time on June 16th, he had a stroke. He'd just gotten home about 4 hours previously, so he at least wasn't on the road!
4 months after the surgery he's able to go back to work, but then he retires in Nov 2012, so it's unlikely the company will let him drive again (after all - twice having attacks while at work!). Actually, the first time he was driving and passed out, going over a 200ft incline, and across a farmer's field before he came to... and wondered why his windshield was cracked! He's run into a tree!!!
He said to me the other day "I didn't expect to live past 45" (he's 63 now)... DUH! Terrible life style - smoking 3 to 4 packs/day, eating ("It's all bought and paid for" he says about his stomach) and developed diabetis 4 years ago. He won't stay on a diet.
I'm sooooooo glad he's my ex, cuz I couldn't put up with his self destruction. I told him when he was only 30 that he needed to make some lifestyle changes, but noooooooo "It's all bought and paid for" like it was the only thing he was assured of, the tummy fat!.

Our daughter is preparing herself for the worst - he won't listen to her and her dad's wife is worse than useless about letting anyone know facts (she can't keep them straight).
Well, he's in the hospital for 7-10 days and at least they'll be feeding him healthy food. I pray that no one brings him the junk food he craves!!

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