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Nov 2, 2012 8:49 PM CST
Name: Jaye or Sistah
North Carolina, temporarily.
Lord Jesus, He's all I need.
I am in agreement with everything Susan said.
Dorothy, I am relieved that you have very good medical caregivers besides an angel of a sister in Marti! Didn't you help her out when she's in need? Love is the strongest denomination when it comes to service... I'll keep you and Marti in my prayers.
If you don't feel like posting anything.. a smile emote from you will ease our worries.

Well.. Kel continues to be his bad self. If any of you take offense to some adult rated words, please don't read any further.
This afternoon, he decided to treat me to the bookstore. Guess it's to appease me. Didn't get anything, and since he was keen on having supper at Waffle House, that's where we went later.
At the restaurant, before ordering, he was told that it ran out of his diet soda. He was upset.. wouldn't want any other drinks, not even water!! I was trying so hard to accomodate him by suggesting orange juice, which is the only form of fruit he'd take!
Well, Mr. Kel threw a fit.. said he'd watch me eat and that he's not hungry!!
That's when I snapped.
With glaring eyes that can cut right through his soul, I spewed these words.
Sorry sistahs.. it's Adult rated, so quit reading from here if you are easily offended.
"You wanted to come here, and you better *f*----ing order!!!"
All chatter stopped at Waffle House in Myrtle Beach!
Kel was shocked, and replied quietly.. "You're a Christian.. and all are looking at you".
I just was on that "don't give a s**t plateau, and I told him very firmly... "Quit acting like a child, and ORDER!".
Well he did. When he walked over to Rite Aid, to get his precious soda, I took the moment to apologize to the other diners.
One old lady piped that she wished she had my courage sometimes. I can see women smile while their men put their heads down.

Okay.. yes... I was that mad to cuss, which is NEVER in public. I did ask the Lord for forgiveness, and later told Kel I am not ashame as he truly was throwing a temper tantrum fit for a 5 year old!!

Thank God there wasn't a butter knife on the table.. cause I saw a perfect spot on his forehead!!!

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