Legal aspects forum: Turning an illegal question into a legal one

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Sep 9, 2012 7:53 PM CST
Name: Ann
North Central Fl
My hubs is turning 65 soon so the Medicare info. came in the mail as it's time to deal with that. We decided it would be a bright thing to do to get a Medicare supplement for the "gap" coverage. Now, as you go through the info. provided & look at the different providers of Medicare Supplement plans & the rules etc., you read that it's illegal for the supplement providers to ask you any health questions. You are guaranteed coverage & they can not discriminate based on any health issue & everybody pays the same amt. for that plan from that provider regardless of whether or not you have cancer, an autoimmune disorder or are an alcoholic with cirrhosis of the liver or what have you or are as healthy as a horse. THEN when it comes down to the nitty gritty & you are filling out the form & finding how exactly how much this is going to cost per month you find out that it will cost you more if you are a smoker or have smoked in the last year. WHAT? Yes, the form asks if you are a smoker or have smoked in the past year. And if the answer to that is yes then you get charged a higher premium per month for the supplement. The question is in a separate section all by itself and is posed like this: Are you a smoker or have you smoked in the past year?

Now, I want to know how exactly this is not a health question? Is the difference in the way they pose the question? That they are not asking you what your state of health is b/c of the smoking? Then why can't they ask if you drink alcohol or have done so in the past year? I'm OUTRAGED!!!!!! Grumbling Grumbling Grumbling Grumbling

So my husband has to pay $16 + change more per month than anyone else who doesn't smoke.

How is this right? How is this fair? How can they discriminate like this?
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Will Rogers
Sep 10, 2012 1:14 AM CST
Name: Zuzu
Northern California
zone 9
That's truly outrageous, Ann! And it most certainly is a health-related question. This isn't fire insurance, after all.

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