Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California: Common Cantil Snake aka Cantil, Mexican Mokassin, Agkistrodon bilineatus bilineatus

Common name: Common Cantil Snake aka Cantil, Mexican Mokassin

Species name: Agkistrodon bilineatus bilineatus

venomous ?

Description: The Common Cantil is a heavy bodied snake with a broad, triangular head and small eyes with vertical pupils. They are usually brown or black, with darker brown or black banding, sometimes with white or cream colored highlights. They are not as elaborately patterned as the Ornate Cantil, A. bilineatus taylori. Head has white or yellowish stripe running from the snout across the eye and from snout over the upper lip .Juveniles are usually distinctly banded, with a bright green or yellow tip to their tail, which they use to lure insect prey. As the snake matures, the color darkens and pattern fades. The Common Cantil is shy by nature, and if threatened will flee. They will only strike if they are unable to flee. Bite symptoms include local pain, swelling and discoloration, but full bite from adult can cause large swelling and necrosis. Bites can be fatal.

Distribution: found from southern Sonora in Mexico, southeast to Guatemala and El Salvador. Also in state of Morelos, Mexico.

Habitat: lowland inhabitant and often associated with rivers, streams and water holes.

Foods: mainly rodents and amphibians

(Image by LaVonne)
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Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California

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