Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California: Indigo Snake, Drymarchon

Common name: Indigo Snake

Species name: Drymarchon

venomous ?

Description: ndigo snakes are large, robust snakes which can reach a length of over 3 m. They have smooth scales with several color variations, including a glossy blue-black color. There are about 7 different known related species/subspecies in the genus of the Indigo - the Drymarchon, The all have the bright shiny iridescence but the underside, head and tails vary in color as some of their names describe. The belly can be light brown, salmon, pink or dark. The Indigo may be the longest snake in North America with some being as long as 9.2ft (2.8m) and in Central America they may be as large as 10ft (3m).

Distribution: scattered throughout the Americas, from the southern part of the US to South America. Among those species are the Yellowtail, Orizaba, Mexican Redtail, Eastern Indigo, Unicolor, Blacktail, and Margarita Island.

Habitat: flatwoods, hammocks, dry glades, stream bottoms, cane fields, riparian thickets, and high ground with well-drained, sandy soils.

Foods: They feed on a broad variety of small animals such as rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, toads, and other snakes, including rattlesnakes

(Image by LaVonne)
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Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California

Here we will list snakes and whether they are non-venomous, or venomous, and what kind of habitat they live in.

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