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A big welcome to our members from our StrepbyStrep yahoo group, new members and visitors! We appreciate your interest in our group and forums. Our hope is you will find this a place where you feel comfortable to ask questions, learn from the many knowledgeable people here and share your experiences good and not so good. We all started the same place at one time and as we get more experienced, we in turn can become the ambassadors to carry the torch to the rest of the plant world.

Whether it be Streps, AV's, Sinningias or any other Gesneriad, many do not know the wonderful world that we enjoy and at times take for granted. So let's learn and grow together so we can share the joy!

Feel free to introduce yourselves so we can get to know your better!

Nancy, Thad, Karen and Dave


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Welcome to Strep by Strep! Whether your a novice, an experienced grower, or anywhere in between, this is your haven to discuss, share successes, failures, tips, buy, sell or trade your favorite Gesneriad.

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