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Apr 30, 2010 3:43 PM CST
Name: Pat
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meezers6 wrote:Probably needs to be on a no grain diet too, grains have carbs which convert to sugar which he doesn't need. Sounds like an inexperienced vet, if they were told about the thirst issues. That's a huge clue. And I think you can do urine checks for sugar with those little strips, and not go weekly to a vet who apparently doesn't know squat about cats.

First, while there is a ton of information online suggesting cats don't need "carbs", they also don't need "fats", and adopting a 'no grain' diet will not eliminate the insulin resistance that is often caused by "serum lipids" or excess fat content in the blood.

Cats don't have glucokinase, and therefore don't have the ability to absorb simple carbohydrates in their mouths as other species do. This means you can do a glucose curve after giving your cat an insulin shot and there will be no indication of when a cat has, or hasn't eaten. Jacquie Rand, who is the most up to date researcher on this has done studies demonstrating this, and both she and Deb Zoran, (Texas A&M), are more concerned about the fat content in pet foods. The term used to bring up information at Google Scholar on this is "gonadectomy". As Deb put it in a conference presentation, gonadectomies, or altering cats, is the same as "plunging them into menopause". The research on this is very new, so not being taught in Vet schools.

I would agree that if the vet doesn't know enough to do a fructosamine immediately to ensure that it is diabetes you are facing, and not other diseases that can also raise glucose levels, you should be seeking out a cat only vet for a second opinion.

We are finding that the best possible insulin you can use on a cat is Lantus, (aka Glargine), as it allows your cat to stay 'within range' 24/7, therefore not have to worry about degeneration of body organs, etc., so your cat's life expectancy should remain a good long one. Our boy is facing his 19th year this year and most of it has been off insulin.

Lantus/Glargine has to be augmented with what is called a "bolus" short term insulin to cover carbohydrates that are eaten by other species, but this is not necessary for cats.

There is a lot of information on this subject at You will see that feline appropriate grains are the least concern after ensuring the cat has enough muscle meat protein.


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