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Dec 9, 2010 9:05 AM CST
Name: Audrey---Doe 41--- Warren
South East Missouri
I'm a Charlie's girl, too!
I'm glad you enjoy it.
I remember Daddy going duck hunting and bringing home several ducks, I'm afraid he never paid attention to limits! My mother and grandmother would sit up picking the pin feathers off to save for another feather bed, or pillows. They cooked the ducks for dinner. I never liked duck meat as well as chicken, it's to dark.
We had all the game meat we could eat, along with pork and chicken. We never slaughtered beef. We kept a good milk cow, and had milk and butter, as well as sweet milk. Sometimes we'd eat milk and bread with our supper.
Seemed like all the relatives wanted to come to our house for holidays. My grandmother made THE best plum cobler you ever put in your mouth! The week before Christmas they would make 21 pies and 5 cakes. This should last till New Year's. Before we got electricity we put our perishables outside, or in a cold room that we wouldn't heat. In summer we had a "milk box" that we pumped cold water in to keep the milk longer. When it turned sour, we churned it and had fresh butter. Of course, it had to clabber, first!
I remember once someone gave us a big bunch of scrap fabric. I was fascinated! I watched them cut pieces and make quilts. The pattern I remember was diamonds One particular piece of fabric had tiny purple pears on it. Daddy had made them a frame that hung from the ceiling, and you wound the strings that held it back up when you finished for the night. I loved watching them draw "clamshell" curves to quilt by on the quilt.
I love telling about my childhood and the "hardships" we went through, though it didn't seem that hard to me at the time, we just didn't have much money. As long as someone reads it, I'll write it!

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