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Feb 24, 2011 12:06 PM CST
Name: Angie
Mackinaw, IL
Daylily, I had the same experience with borrowing books from the library on my Nook. If I purchase a book, or download a free e-book, I can do it directly from my Nook. If I borrow one from the library, I can't. I have to download it onto my computer, and then transfer it to my Nook.

So far, I've enjoyed everything about my Nook EXCEPT for borrowing from a library. For some reason, I run into difficulties every single time. I have to download to my computer, then transfer to my Nook. Most of the time, i get a pop-up asking for the name and credit card number of the person who purchased the book, and I am unable to open it. The first time it happened, I discovered that there is a list of FAQ's on the Alliance Library System website, but if you want to ask a question that isn't addressed on the FAQ's, your only option is to contact your local library. I did that, and they said they have never had any experience with e-readers, have no idea how they work, and don't even have any record on their computer that I have two e-books checked out on my library card through the Alliance Library system. I contacted Barnes and Noble, and a very helpful customer service rep. talked me through deleting Adobe Digital Editions (and all of the free e-books I had downloaded via Adobe DE) from my Nook, then re-installing all of it, and linking my Nook to my Adobe account (which I had already done.) Sure enough, I was able to open and read the library book after that.

The next time I checked out a book, though, I was right back to where I started: unable to download directly to my Nook, and unable to open it after I transferred from the computer to the Nook. Same pop-up wanting the name and credit card #. I repeated the steps I'd followed last time, deleting Adobe DE and all my free e-books (and losing my bookmarks in them in the process), and reinstalling it, but this time to no avail. I never was able to read that e-book on my Nook, only on my computer.

I also learned that there is no way to return a book early, if you finish it before the 2 week loan period. I'd been on the waiting list for an e-book for over a month, and my turn came up while I still had my limit of 2 e-books checked out. I was finished with the first one, but couldn't return it early, and I never was able to access the second one my Nook, so I couldn't check out the one I'd been waiting forever for. It went on to the next person on the waiting list, and I had to go back and re-join the waiting list at the end again. Sigh.

So. . .no problems at all purchasing books from B&N, no problem downloading or reading the free classics through Adobe DE. I just can't check out library books on it, which was one of the features that made me choose the Nook over the Kindle. I didn't want to be forced to buy recent books in order to read them, but that's exactly where I ended up.

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