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Nov 26, 2011 6:11 PM CST
Name: Susan B
East TN
With this program you get a little shield with green, yellow, and some other colors that look very official, and a big WARNING message that your computer is infected with viruses, it may even show you a list of fake files. You may get small pop-up red boxes that pop up all over your screen, the faster you try to shut them the more they pop up.

The entire aim of this program is to get you to buy their fake anti-virus software, which will supposedly clean up these files.

Mine seemed connected to Java somehow, I would get a popup that said Java needed to be updated, and then it turned into the AV2012 somehow (although I forget the specifics right now).

The first thing I did was try to do a scan with McAffee. I had gotten the program when I purchased my computer but didn't purchase the update as requested after 6 months or a year. To my surprise it didn't work at all. I couldn't scan my computer with it.

Next I did a system restore to back my computer up to an earlier date. This helped for about a day, then the program was back.

Next I went to the Microsoft website to see if I could find some help there.

The first thing I did was use their free security scanner. I did a quick scan, and it didn't find anything. Then I did the long scan which took quite a while.

Next I downloaded their Malicious Software removal tool. This was also free, and I ran it and it found a few files, which I told it to remove.

The last thing I did was disable and uninstall my McAffee. I had purchased it with my computer and hadn't purchased the expensive update, but believed it was still working. ha!
Then I installed Microsoft Security Essentials, a free program. They had a note on there that you should only have one virus checker on your computer, since having two messes them up somehow- like each program thinks the other is a virus.

After that my computer seems "back to normal" and I haven't had any other problems with it- and I hope it stays that way!

I just thought I would share my story, and hopefully help someone else that runs into a problem with AV2012.

Now, my husband does have a security program called AVG, which isn't the same thing at all!!! When he saw the AV2012 he though it was his AVG, and got himself into all sorts of trouble that way- he finally had to go into his registry and delete some lines of code, which is always a scary thing!

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