The Yard - and a bit beyond.... Fish Caught: 28, Redspotted Sunfish, Silver Creek / Hunt Road

List Number: 28

Common Name: Redspotted Sunfish

Genus: Lepomis

species: miniatus

Date First Caught: 11/06/2011

Size: 4 1/4" - 5 1/8"

Location Caught: Silver Creek / Hunt Road

Location Description
Private Property - In dense forest, complete overcover, low light, dark bottomed shallow pool south of Hunt Road Bridge and north of junction with Hall's Branch.

View Location Map: Silver Creek / Hunt Road
View Habitat Photo 1: Silver Creek
View Habitat Photo 2: Silver Creek

Drainage: Fish River

Watershed: Mobile Bay

County: Baldwin

State: Alabama

Method: Bait

Small piece of Berkley Powerbait Spikes - "Bloody";

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(Image by atenkley)
"11/20/2011 - 4 1/4" - Silver Creek / Hunt Road"
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(Image by atenkley)
"11/20/2011 - 5 1/8" - Silver Creek / Hunt Road"
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(Image by atenkley)
"11/20/2011 - Silver Creek"
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