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By Lynnx (Lynxx) on October 30, 2010

Shopping on a monthly basis instead of weekly will help you to save that hard earned cash. I've been doing it for years. I plan out menus for every day of the month, and in this fashion I can buy larger cuts of meats and frozen products, thus saving me money. As an example of what I mean, let's say you like chicken, flank steak and pork as meat staples....

Buying these meats in family sized packages then, will save you money by planning your evening meal with recipes that fit these cuts of meats. Flank steak makes great fajitas, london broil, cuban steak, stuffed flank steak, rolled flank, etc. When you first purchase, you can portion it out for...let's say 10 meals/recipes that month that use flank steak. Same thing with chicken. There's millions of different recipes calling for chicken, and at least 10 are dinners that you and your family would enjoy! Other examples of how to save: Buy dried beans in bulk instead of canned. Same thing with rice. 

And bread? OMG, I can't believe what they want for bread nowadays! So I went to Goodwill and bought a bread machine for 15.00, that retailed for 150.00.when new. I looked it up on internet before I bought it. Then I bought all the goodies that it needed to make a loaf of bread. I kept track of how much everything cost and how many loves I could make before those supplies were gone.

Guess what? I figured out that a french sandwich bread that weighs over 2 lbs. costs me .84 to .95 cents to make...that's a savings of over 3.00!!! I will never buy another loaf of bread again! And what about those prepackaged boxes of specialty rices? You can easily, and much more thriftily, create your own special spice mixes with brown and white rices. I'll post some of my recipes as I have time. These also save me a lot of money.

So planning your monthly menu before you go shopping, and stocking your pantry properly for these planned meals, will keep more money in your wallet. Less gas will also be spent running back and forth to the store.

You'll know in advance what will be on the menu that night.

You can buy large, shallow tupperwares (that's what I like to call them) that will help you store meats, vegetables and fruits in your freezer easily. I label up the front of the tupperwares, so as soon as I open the freezer, I know that "This one has pork," or 'This one has Beef" I use color coded labels so that I can find them even faster. I now have more storage space in my freezer.

So, that's kind of how and why I sat up this cubit. To show others ways to save money on their family's shopping every month, and how to get the pantry organized and containing all the right things you'll need to cook with. I welcome any help fellow homemakers and cooks offer in this matter, and would love to hear your replies and suggestions.. 

Lynxx, Admin


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