Banyan, Bamboo, Bromeliads . . . oh my!

By knoxred (knoxred) on July 4, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, Florida.
Join me for a photo journey through a tropical garden full of rare and exotic plants.

You'd never guess that this tropical oasis began as a rose garden!  Marie Selby was a passionate rose gardener whose

generously donated estate property has now become a leading repository of rare tropical and epiphytic plants.  


Located right on Sarasota Bay, the garden reminds us that Sarasota has much to offer besides its pristine white sand

beaches, which are consistently rated among the best in the world.  The 9.5 acre property has something for everyone,

whether your passion is orchids or ferns, succulents or palms, bonzai or bamboo.

Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/2ab9da Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/c846ef
Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/b396ee Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/5ba442
Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/231c1f Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/067200
Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/4c2b41 Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/526b9b
Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/96c1fe Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/4def22

In addition to the abundant plantings, the garden is home to some animal friends.  Many types of birds and anoles

(small lizards) move freely through the grounds, and there is a well-stocked koi pond for your enjoyment as well.

Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/781d3a Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/54129b Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/410d00

While the botanical garden contains thousands of different species, the beautifully designed grounds give you the

feeling of being in a tropical landscape rather than a plant museum.   Besides the gorgeous flower blooms, the use of

 different foliage colors and textures gives a rich depth to the gardens.  It's truly a treat for the eyes!

Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/48963f Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/ab2a97
Thumb of 2011-06-26/knoxred/46fc77 Thumb of 2011-06-29/knoxred/129c5f

For more pictures of the different plant collections, visit the photo thread at .

Many ferns, orchids, bromeliads, bonzai, and succulents await!

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