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Tennessee member cubits:

 Bread Basket  nanniepb (Scott County)

 Calla Lily World  lakesidecallas (Dandridge)

 Cubit Broker News & Classifieds  knoxred (Knoxville)

 Dogs - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know  Elena (Nashville)

 Echinaceas  clintbrown (Medina)

 Exotic & Rare Plants & Bulbs  lakesidecallas (Dandridge)

 Friendship Corner  Elena (Nashville)

 Goats mollyd1953 (Columbia)

 Outdoor Survival Skills with (Ret Sgt) US Army RetSgt (Sparta)

The Reading Room  lakesidecallas - owner (Dandridge) & Sheryl - admin (Gainesboro)

Tennessee member external websites:

 personal blog- "Sheryl & Teddy's Place"  Sheryl (Gainesboro)

 Tupperware sales  nanniepb (Scott County)

 I've just joined the Tupperware family to supplement my income AND I get great products as well. Honest to Pete, I have Tupperware that I can date back to 1986, but I know a few things are older than that. It lasts...and if it didn't, I can order replacement parts too.

You can order in the privacy of your own home in your jammies

So, grab a cuppa coffee and check out all the new products ( my favorite is the Stuffables...omg...and the Fridgesmart line for storing your fruits and veggies that always seem to shrivel up) And everyone needs a Forget Me Not set to store their leftover onions, peppers, tomatoes, and more...they are my number one favorite thing at Tupperware. so far ;)

 Want to get Tupperware free? half price? You can start your own online party on the site as well. AND you don't have to clean up your house or provide refreshments.  

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Gardening in Tennessee

All about Tennessee living & gardening. Information about local community and garden events. Scenes from our state. Gardening & Landscape Design articles.

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Cubit owner: knoxred

TN Cubit Member Links
Sept 2011 garden events(click here)
"The most serious gardening I do would seem very strange to an onlooker, for it involves hours of walking round in circles,
apparently doing nothing. What I'm doing is forcing myself to evaluate certain areas....
Only during these quiet moments does a good idea suddenly occur."
~ Helen Dillon, Irish garden writer