Travel Junction Worldwide Restaurant Review & Registry: Arthur's......Nashville

Name of Restaurant: Arthur's

Address Line: 1001 Broadway

City: Nashville


United States of America

Exquisite surroundings
Formal/Black Tie

Type of Establishment


Price Range - Per Person
$$$$$ 75-Above

Food Quality

Impeccable - White Glove!

Appearance - Interior
Divine/First Class

Appearance - Exterior
Well maintained/attractive

Posted by haighr on Apr 8, 2010 6:27 PM CST:
This was one of the most extravagant places we have visited. Unfortunately, I believe they may have closed? Steve ordered a coffee d'ablo which the waiter poured from a stepstool. He lit the coffee and it flamed as he poured it down 3 feet into the cup! This was an out of this world class dining experience of 7 courses and impeccable service.

With culinary talents focused on a Continental cuisine, this is a fine dining establishment. Expect the average entrée to cost well over $50. Plan to dress casual, but fashionable.

The restaurant has an elegant décor. The lighting is by the glow of candle flame. The fireplace adds to the atmosphere and mood here. The restaurant is spacious with high ceilings. It has a romantic atmosphere and a favorite among couples.

It is part of a 100 year-old hotel in Nashville.

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