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WELCOME TO THE TREES FORUM! This is the place to discuss Trees and their, maintenance, correct planting, and any other aspect associated with Trees. Because Trees will remain in the landscape for potentially many decades and maybe even a hundred or more

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When planting balled and burlaped (B&B) or potted trees, it is important to plant the tree with the root collar/root flare (place where the roots first start on the tree trunk) at or slightly above soil level. For potted trees, remove the tree from the pot and then start to remove soil from the top of the root ball, slowly, until you find the root collar/root flare. Trees are planted much deeper in a pot, for stability, than they should be planted in the ground. If a tree looks like a telephone pole going into the ground, it, more-than-likely, has been planted too deep.
B&B stock is less likely to be too deep, but remove soil, slowly, from the top of the root ball until the root collar/root flare is located and plant so this is at or slightly above soil level.