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By Becky Capps (Boopaints) on May 16, 2010

Want to share some of your work in two unique cubits? There's no pay but plenty of praise, encouragement and appreciation! And your work will be officially published on

As an artist, I see the world through images that are rich in color, textures and shapes.  As a novice writer, I like to link the two together, partnering together to bring our hearts a more memorable way to celebrate God's written word, the Bible. I have several photographers whose work I use to illustrate the verses and studies in my cubits. Some photos are from "free use" sites and others are from my own camera, but many are from special photographers willing to share their work.

Three of these talented photographers are members of First up is Nancy Polanski (nap) whose work captures ordinary life and brings it to a standstill. The photo of her checkerboard is one such work that I love but I honestly love everyhing Nancy sends me. I can't always use her photos in a timely manner but one day, when I least expect it, I find that her photo file on my computer has exactly what I am looking for.The image of the bench on the articles post is one of Nancy's.  I like imagining it's in my garden.

  2010-05-16/Boopaints/3e492b2010-05-16/Boopaints/f06dd32010-05-16/Boopaints/89a239    2010-05-16/Boopaints/c253e8 2010-05-16/Boopaints/84a4aa 2010-05-16/Boopaints/b69597    
  These six photos are all by Nancy Polanski, are copywrited and used with permission

I have used Kathy LaPosse photography (GrannyLaposse) who takes nature shots that have turned out to be perfect for some of the verse s. Kathy and I have been friends in Phoenix for about 7 years and she is an great encourager. 

2010-05-16/Boopaints/037eb8 2010-05-16/Boopaints/5b2873 2010-05-16/Boopaints/e6d4f3
All three of these nature phots were taken by Kathy LaPosses and shared with permission.

My third cubits member is Marilyn (MARSUE) who recently sent this image to me and I am waiting to use it on one of my cubits but wanted to share it here. Marilyn is an active member of Heart Strength and has much wisdom to share besides her photography.2010-05-16/Boopaints/d4ca18

Deb Brookshier, an artist buddy, is a professional photographer from California. She also allows me to share some of her incredible work here and on facebook....her work is unique and her portrait work is fantastic!  

2010-05-16/Boopaints/a28dcd  2010-05-16/Boopaints/b22c452010-05-16/Boopaints/f1e252 2010-05-16/Boopaints/75ce13 2010-05-16/Boopaints/4d10c8 2010-05-16/Boopaints/2ed030

These photos were taken by Deb Brookshier and are copywrited by her and used with permission.

Claire Reckling Schauer is a friend from grade school who uses her photography talents by creating beautiful greeting cards! She adds the scriptures and I have bought several packs of her cards to share with others. Thankfully she has allowed me to use these photos that correspond perfectly with the verses I was wanting to use.

2010-05-16/Boopaints/ad41a1 2010-05-16/Boopaints/5a794d2010-05-16/Boopaints/0e8460
 These three photos are copywrited by Claire Reckling Schauer and used with permission.

I am always looking for images that illustrate the verses I am using. Are you interested in sharing your work? I'd love to have you come along beside me and allow me to share your image stories with the written word. You will always be given credit for your work of course.

My two spititual cubits are not heavily populated but our members love and pray for one another and most of us have never even met.  Across the miles and continents, we have a common thread weaving us together in our faith. Because we are Christians, we place our hope in an eternity with the Father of Creation. I know without one single doubt where I will spend eternity and maybe I will be taking photos of the incredible colors and images we have yet to view! But for now, I am looking for more images from other photographers so I can share their images within my cubits Artistic Joy and Heart Strength .

Please send me a note so we can chat!


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About Becky Capps
Over the past eight years, I've learned that the things that seem so important are fleeting and to trust God completely with my life is what really brings me joy, peace and contentment. I love bringing the written word and images together as a way of reminding us all to lean on God and not ourselves. My favorite verses are Proverbs 3: 5-6, Jeremiah 29:11 and Matthew 6: 25-27.

"Christ followers shouldn't be stuffy, boring or rude . . . but purposefully embrace life and live like Jesus did: with joy, love and compassion".

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