Trust in the Lord: Can you imagine?




Can you imagine?


Can you imagine arriving in Heaven?
Can you imagine meeting the Lord for the first time in person?
Can you imagine the joy, the exuberance, the awesomeness, of your first encounter with Him?

Can you imagine that He would say to you "well done my good and faithful servant!"?
Can you imagine Him wrapping His arms around you in the most wonderful embrace you have ever had?
Can you imagine experiencing complete and blissful fellowship with the One you have loved by faith?

Can you imagine Him thanking you for sharing His love so consistently?
Can you imagine Him delighting in you for staying on course and not jumping off the path?
Can you imagine being given an amazing crown to lay at His feet?

Can you imagine wishing you hadn't worried so much about what others thought about you when you shared your faith?


-Becky Capps


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Trust in the Lord

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