Group purchasing is a great way to "feed" that exciting need for new and different plants! Who doesn't want new and exciting plants? Plants which are unusual and NOT available in the Big Box Stores... That’s what Co-ops…by Kim is all about. Our goal is to offer you the most exciting new plant varieties available in the market today.

We anticipate that this is the first of many New and Different Co-ops. We anticipate that the variety of plants will change...the numbers of plants offered will change and...the size of those plants will change. Also there’s always a little surprise in your box!

Things that will not change on Co-ops by Kim are...

  • Plants are in stock - When your order is made, therefore no plants are 'Dropped' from the Co-op because of insufficient orders.

  • Accessibility - We are accessible for answering any questions you may have...this is a priority for us!

  • New Co-ops - There will be a new and separate thread for each New and Different Co-op, but you may also contact and order by using email if you like.

  • Plant Prices - Costs are wholesale because the plants come directly from the middle person fees or additional shipping fees.

  • Payments - Paypal is preferred. Invoices are provided through PayPal and accounts are managed on a one-on-one spreadsheet is posted for 'all to see.' Your order is private. Paypal charges us a 4% service fee which will be added to your invoice. In addition I we will accept money orders (eliminates Paypal fee). Please contact us as soon as possible if you will be paying by Money Order. No personal Checks Accepted. Email: [email protected]

  • Shipping & Handling - Are calculated to YOUR door so you are not assisting to pay someone else's postage fees. We notify you as soon as your packet is shipped and you are provided the USPS Tracking number.

  • Shipping timeline - All participants are offered options for shipping and are available for your convenience. Shipping is within a two-week window...payment to plants is no longer than 60 days and often within 7 days from shipment to receipt of plants. Delivery confirmation is included in all shipping costs.

  • Plant packaging - Each plant is individually wrapped and labeled with the common and botanical name. Plants are drop-shipped directly from the supplier or grower to your home address.

  • Co-op Fees - No Co-op fees are charged. This is a simple fee structure where you the buyer WIN.

What we expect from you as a participant..

• Have a good time selecting plants form our New and Different Co-op offering.
• Place your order via the Co-op Thread or Email. (We will contact you if there are any questions on the order.) If placing your order by Posting to a thread, please contact us with your email address to be invoiced.
• Prompt payment of your invoice via Paypal. (If an invoice is not paid by the deadline set within the Co-op, the transaction is considered to be null and void.)
• Once your plants are received, open the box promptly and review the contents.
• Acknowledge to us that the plants have arrived. (If there are any issues, they must be addressed within 48-hours)
• Sign up for the next Co-op by Kim.(We Hope! )

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to make substitutions only when you have given us permission to do so. Substitutions will be posted on the thread and reason. In the event of this happening it will only be for the following reasons: Crop Failure due to severe weather changes, or plant death.

Disclaimer for USPS: On very rare occasions the United States Postal Service has been responsible for damaging packages or packages being damage through travel. In the event this happens, usually your box will arrive with a Stamp from USPS as “Received Damaged” This means it was received damaged at your local Post Office before delivery to you.

We want to make you happy... Your Participation is appreciated and it is our pleasure to make this a good buying experience for you...If you have any Questions, Concerns, or Problems. Please contact me. Send an email and give me a chance to address the concern First. Thanks so much! Email: [email protected]

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