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Nov 9, 2011 1:54 PM CST
Name: Kim
Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Shipping Dates: Now
Email: [email protected]

Size of Plant: These are over-grown plants grown in 72-count cells for more than 6 months. Top growth may be trimmed to stimulate growth, but roots will be shipped 'as is' and ready to be planted either in containers or outside.

Cost of Plants:
  • Three (3) of any fern species - $15.75

  • Individual assorted ferns may be purchased , with a minimum of 5 ferns – 5 for $25.75

Note - Many are Cold hardy and will make beautiful house plants until ready to plant in Spring or Fall.

Fern Species: The selection of 12 different species for Co-Op ‘Fanciful Ferns” were determined to provide a high level of Eye Candy for interior plants while also enabling the opportunity for you to 'Plant-Out' your plant into the garden either now or you choose. 


1. AUSTRAL GEM (Asplenium dimorphum x difforme 'Austral Gem') is an exciting new plant from Australia, where this 12 to 24" fern is grown outdoors in deep shade or admired in a hanging basket. The plant has thick shiny dark-green pinnae leave that look great and last a long time. The glossy fronds resist the drying effects of heated and air conditioned area. The plant is sterile so there are no spore falling when the plant is inside. This is considered a Tropical Evergreen and is hardy outside only in zones 9-10. Note: This is a patented plant and cannot be reproduced asexually.

2. BLACK RABBIT'S-FOOT (Davillia trichomanoides) is a favorite plant for children because the soft, fuzzy brown rhizomes have the appearance and feel of rabbit feet. The children love to rub them. The evergreen foliage of this fern is a pale green color and the texture is much like that of carrot tops in softness and appearance. This is an excellent plant for small hanging baskets or for use in multi-plant arrangements. The plant normally reaches 12", has a creeping growth habit and is viable outside in zones 9-12.

3. DYCE'S HOLLY FERN (Polystichum x Dycei) is a sterile hybrid and one of the largest Holly Ferns in the world. It is dark green and glossy with a center crown that gives the plant a symmetrical appearance in a container or in the garden. The plant is viable and hardy in zones 6-8 and should be evergreen in those zones. The plant is most often 24" but can reach 36" with age.

4. FRAGRANT MAIDENHAIR FERN (Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrantissimum') Soft, romantic fronds have been a favorite of gardeners since Victorian times. This varietal emits a light scent when touched. This is a durable house plant that has graceful and open architecture. It seldom reaches more than 12" high. It is a viable garden plant in zones 9-10 if kept in full shade, but keep it close to 'gathering spots' to enjoy the refreshing scent.

5. GHOST FERN (Athyrium x Ghost) This spectacular fern is a sterile hybrid that appeared in a bed amidst Lady Ferns and Japanese Painted Ferns. Since it is sterile, it must be cloned in a tissue culture process. The fronds are strong and tall, growing to 24". It is a clumping plant, often deciduous if grown outside in zones 3-8. As a house plant, it brings a unique and ghostly gray-green coloration to the inside plant garden.

6. GOLDEN MIST FERN (Dryopteris labordei) is an Asian discovery that grows to 24" in a creeping manner. New growth is golden-yellow, almost unique in the species. The fronds mature to a dark green. This evergreen species is larger, more open in nature, and stronger than Autumn Fern, but does well wherever Autumn Fern is viable outside, which is roughly zones 5-7.

7. GOLDIE'S GIANT WOOD FERN (Dryopteris goldiana) This is the largest dryopteris species, often exhibiting fronds more than 28". It is viable in zones 3-8 and is excellent for the moist, woodland garden where it can grow to full size. As an outdoor garden plant, this fern is decidous, but if grown in a container, remains evergreen.

8. MAIRIS'S HARDY MAIDENHAIR (Adianthum x Mairisii) This clumping fern is reputed to be viable as far north as Michigan and can grow in the outside garden as far south as San Antonio. USDA lists the plant as viable from zone 7-10. It is evergreen as far north as Oklahoma City. This is a vigorous plant and evergreen in the southern range of hardiness. This plant won the prestigious UK 'Award of Garden Merit' last year. Mature height is 24 inches. This is a new introduction available only through Tissue Culture.

9. SILVER CLOAK FERN (Cheilanthes argentea) is highly underused, but is one of the first plants to 'catch the eye' in a mixed bed. It is viable in a wide range, growing well in zones 5-9. The smaller fronds are pale green above and silver underneath. The plant makes a stunning plant in a hanging basket growing to 12" or less.

10. SILVER LADY (Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady') is a Tropical Fern and is viable only in zone 10. It is evergreen, growing 12 to 24" from a central crown. This is a slow-growing specimen which adds to the plant's value as an indoor plant.

11. TOKYO WOOD FERN (Dryopteris tokyoensis) is easily identified by the erect, slender fronds that fill a hanging basket. It grows vigorously from a crown often to 24" in a container. It is deciduous if grown outside in the garden, but is viable across a wide range of zones 5-8b. It is an easy fern to grow and accepts a wide range of PH levels, but grows best in a well-draining soil that assists in maintaining moisture.

12. VARIEGATED CRETAN BRAKE (Pteris cretica 'Albo-lineata') is a popular variegated fern that is evergreen in the garden in zones 9-12. It is an excellent container plant never growing more than 12" from a central crown and remaining evergreen. The fronds have a creamy-white center and light lateral veins radiating into dark, green fronds. This plant is often used in hanging baskets, dish gardens or as an annual in the garden.

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