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Mar 21, 2012 4:14 PM CST
Name: Kim
Start Date: March 21st 2012
End Date: April 21st 2012
Shipping Date: March 26th thru April 25th 2012
Email: [email protected]
Info about: Kim

Minimum Purchase for Co-op Pricing: 3 plants of mixed cultivars

Cost of Plants: $21.25 for 3

Size of Plant: The size plants offered through this Co-op are varied in sizing partly due to the various species and partly due to the age of several of the species. These plants are propagated from cuttings and seeds and are approximately one year to eighteen months old.

As much soil as possible is removed and top-growth retained whenever possible for efficient shipping. Roots are wrapped in dampened materials and encased in plastic. The plants are individually wrapped and labeled with common and botanical names.
Plants are shipped directly from the grower using USPS Priority service and Delivery Confirmation. The Delivery Confirmation number will be shared with the buyer to assist in tracking the plant's arrival. We have worked very hard to provide a larger number of multiple cultivars with some exciting variety options for you to choose from...but many of the varieties are new and in limited quantities... so first come, first served!

Limited Specimens: Some of these plants are very difficult to propagate and occasionally revert during rooting which reduces the number of available plants. Additionally, several of these plants are rare so numbers of intensely variegated plants are sometimes limited. To ensure you receive the plants you have been seeking, you will have to order early!
The size plants offered through this Co-op are varied in sizing partly due to the various species and partly due to the age of several of the species.

** Variegated plants have been sought and valued by gardeners since Victorian times. This love-affair with colored leaves is one of the joys and pleasures of serious and novice gardeners. The Hardy Plant Society's Variegated Plant special Interest Group in the UK has been instrumental in identifying, cataloging and posting most of our variegated plants into the gardening world. Some of the variegated plants we take for granted were even developed and introduced by members of this group. Many plants of this Co-op were first recognized by this legendary group and brought to the attention of the world's gardeners. Each of the plants offered in this co-op is currently listed within the Royal Horticultural Society's Plant Finder if additional information is required.


AGAPANTHUS 'TINKERBELL' (Agapanthus praecox 'Tinkerbell', dwarf variegated)
'Tinkerbell' is a dwarf, variegated cultivar said to be a sport of 'Peter Pan'. The foliage is evergreen, reaching about 12 "to 16" tall with white and green linear coloration. The plant thrives in most soils and can be grown in sun or dappled shade. It will bloom more if planted in full sun, but will require regular irrigation and a well-drained site. 'Tinkerbell' will remain evergreen to 20 degrees F. and the bulb is viable to 10 degrees F. It is considered a hardy perennial in the landscape in USDA zones 8 through 10. Unlike Agapanthus Africanus, 'Tinkerbell' bulbs are inedible. This plant is an excellent choice for a miniature landscape or 'Fairy Garden' Design.

BOWER VINE (Tecoma jasminoides 'variegated')
This evergreen vine is a hardy, green and cream variegated vine originally from Australia. This variety blooms in spring, fall and, in temperate winters, sporadically throughout the winter months. The trumpet-shaped blooms are pink to maroon and highly attractive to bees and hummingbirds. The vine is viable in USDA zones 7 through 9b and is hardy to 20 degrees F. It thrives in full sun, but can tolerate and blooms well in high shade as well. The plant produces greater blooms when fed often. Feed with water from hard-boiling eggs or pasta. Embedding eggshells in the growing soil increases the bloom. This vine does not grow aggressively and can be planted in a hanging basket or appropriate container for several years before incorporating the vine into the landscape.

ELDERBERRY, MADONNA (Sambucus nigra 'Madonna')
This hardy perennial shrub exhibits an unusual variegation of green, gold and cream. Because of the stunning coloration, this shrub is an excellent addition to a wildflower or cottage garden. It provides the casual, soft look of a spring blooming garden, provides edible fruit at maturity, and exhibits a slower growth rate than other elderberries, reaching on average 10 foot at mature height. Madonna blooms are white, lightly scented and a magnet for bee, birds and butterflies. This elderberry variety is viable in USDA Zones 5a through 9b. In the higher zones, Madonna is best suited in afternoon shade or used as an understory. Elderberries have a mistaken image of high water demands. Once established, Madonna can provide a positive contribution to the landscape with minimal water demands.

HYDRANGEA VARIEGATED (Hydrangea macrophylla variegated)
This is a handsome Cottage Garden plant dating back to Victorian Gardens. The leaves are bright green with white margins. The blooms are large mounded clusters of pinkish-white flowers. The shrub is hardy in USDA zones 6 through 9 when planted in shady portions of the landscape. In such a site, it can grow for many years and eventually reach maturity at 6' high and as wide. Once established, this species hydrangea requires only modern moisture and almost no care. It is a splendid choice for that 'hard-to-fill' spot in the natural landscape design.

FORSYTHIA 'KUMSON' (Forsythia viridissima var. koreana 'Kumson')
This beautiful shrub is the solution for Forsythia-lovers because it provides the brilliant display of yellow blooms in the spring and then remains a spectacle in the garden with unique variegation for two more seasons. The new foliage is a bright, intense green that often appears lime. As the foliage matures, the green matures to a deep, hunter green with silver and sometimes white veining pattern across the leaves. Like snowflakes, each leaf is unique in the pattern it presents. The shrub is a vigorous grower and can be trimmed to remain smaller than the 5' mature height. Branches often span out gracefully to more than its height. It is viable in USDA zones 5 through 9. In the warmer zones, 'Kumson' variegation benefits from full shade. The shrub is undemanding and easy to grow in sun, partial or full shade. The plant accepts a variety of soils, moisture levels and even those all too quirky weather changes.

MEXICAN ORANGE BLOSSOM 'SUNDANCE' (Choisya ternata 'Sundance')
Mexican Orange is a highly hardy evergreen shrub that grows with little care into a dome-shaped form. It most often reaches six foot by six foot, but can sometimes reach eight foot in height. It enjoys full sun and can also excel as an understory shrub. 'Sundance' exhibits a light green, almost yellow coloration in the leaves. The lighter, sunny coloration appears to sweep across the shrub in an irregular pattern. The white blooms emit a light fragrance in the spring that are highly attractive to the bees, birds and butterflies. The shrub is at its best from August to June and will often re-bloom in the fall when the heat has abated. Sundance is viable across USDA zone 7 to 9b. It is highly underused as a landscape plant and should be used to replace many of the more traditional and boring plants used for foundation planting. It demonstrates high coloration, drought-tolerance and no cold 'die-back' from those sudden cold snaps or heat blasts experienced so often now!

ROSEMARY 'GOLD DUST' (Rosmarias 'Gold Dust')
New to cultivation, 'Gold Dust' has several characteristics that set it aside from many of the newer Rosemary hybrids available. The evergreen foliage is green, gold and chartreuse. The shrub is small by rosemary standards growing only to a compact 12" by 12" at maturity. The bloom is dark blue and almost perpetual throughout winter and through spring. In test trials, Gold Dust has thrived at zone 7 and proven viable to 15 degrees F. It is listed as hardy in USDA zone 7b-10. Unlike other zone 7 hybrids, Gold Dust has a high oil content which qualifies it for culinary purposes as well as an exceptional additional to the landscape. Like other members of the rosemary family, the plant is drought tolerant and xeric when established, can be grown in full sun and is resistant to deer browsing. G...

SEIBOLD'S PLANTAIN LILY, VARIEGATED (Hosta siboldii variegated)
This species hosta was noted in the Roman Era by soldiers marching north to conquer tribes in what is now western Europe. The Romans nicknamed the plant 'Gaul's Footprint' because the variegation was no noticeable in early spring along the path north. Today, this reliable and hardy plant can be a stellar addition in the shade garden. It is a medium size reaching 12 to 18" height in season. The elliptically shaped leaves are a soft, waxy green with white margins. Blooms are a soft lavender typical of most plants in the genus. This hosta is viable in USDA zones 3a through 8b and demands much less moisture once established.

VARIEGATED BLUEBEARD 'SNOW FAIRY' (Caryopteris divaricata 'Snow Fairy')
This reliable cultivar was found in western Tennessee and has become a hardy and reliable addition to any shady site in the landscape. The plant is a perennial across USDA zones 5 through 9. It is considered a sub-shrub or perennial since it seldom gets more than 24" in height in the landscape. The feathery leaves are a soft lime to light green with white margins. Aromatic blue blooms span over a long period in mid to late spring and into the summer, providing nectar to bees and copious butterflies. This is an easy and undemanding shrub that should be planted more often. Give it a chance to lighten up those dark, shady corners of the garden.

VARIEGATED BLUEBEARD 'WHITE SURPRISE' (Caryopteris x clandonensis 'White Surprise')
This is the newest elegant and distinctive Plant Haven development. Plant heritage is demonstrated as reliable and drought-tolerant with only moderate water demands. The foliage is elegant and presents as soft, bluish-gray in color with distinctive wide cream and white margins. The variegation is reliable and consistent across the foliage. This shrub has a neat and tidy form that remains compact and small in size, reaching only 3' in height and width at maturity. The blooms are a startling blue-purple color occurring in late spring or early summer. When in bloom, this small landscape jewel is highly attractive to bees and butterflies. 'White Surprise' is viable in USDA zones 5-9.

VARIEGATED BEAUTYBERRY 'DUET' (Callicarpia x dichotoma var. albafructus 'Duet')
This hardy beauty is an introduction from the U.S. National Arboretum. 'Duet' was originally identified by McMinnville researchers from as a species sport with reliable, sustainable variegation. It is considered the first of such variegated plants in this genus and has been a consistent variegated specimen since its release in 2000. The leaves are a soft medium green with distinctly marked white and sometimes yellow margins on the edges of the leaves. The small shrub is adaptable to a variety of landscape uses: shrub border, specimen or deciduous screen because it maintains size, shape and variegation well. It should be sited in high to light shade to emphasis leaf coloration. It is highly hardy in USDA zones 5 through 8b and has proven to be low maintenance with low water needs once established. The fruit forms in small, white clusters in late summer or early fall.

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Mar 22, 2012 4:06 AM CST
Oh Yay! Let me google some of these.I'm pretty sure I want in on this one.

Mar 22, 2012 11:19 AM CST
Name: Janet
Gilroy, CA
Oh, yeah---you've hooked me with this one.....
What color is Tinkerbell's bloom? (not that I care)
I'd like

2 Tinkerbell
1 Forsythia
3 hydrangea

Janet Wenholz
9077 San Juan Ct
Gilroy, CA 95020

How much is shipping?
Please visit the Clay Arts cubit

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing
Mar 22, 2012 1:04 PM CST
Name: Kim
Hi Peggy and Janet! Here's a pic of the Tinkerbell
I will cmail you Janet because i need your email for the Paypal invoice..

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