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Mar 4, 2013 11:21 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
A new hobby I've run across recently... I've always been a lover of little things and seeing the world from a small perspective (perhaps because I'm a tiny person myself Hilarious! ). I've borrowed a small USB-powered microscope from my work recently, and am pointing it at everything I can find. Here's a sampling of photos I've taken - the first set are reposted from Ella's Garden, but new photos are below.

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/8d52dc
Root hairs on a Four O'clock seedling

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/9db924
More root hairs on a very confused garlic chive (it's growing roots-up right now, but I'm sure it'll sort out)

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/df966f
I might have over-planted these poppies...

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/945c84

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/209161
Root nodules on vetch (a wild legume, but all peas and beans have the same structures).

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/21fd85
Root nodules, a bit closer in

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/a4fad2
Spanish moss. The scaly texture helps it collect and hold water droplets from the air.

I love the textures that this thing can pick up...

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/1defc0
My scarf (acrylic fiber)

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/ac9453
My wedding band (braided white gold with a few years of wear)

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/c2efc4
Ballpoint ink on a Post-it note

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/2ef783
Carbonate rock (from a hydrothermal vent chimney!!!)

And lastly, a small collection of lichens.

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/bea732

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/74cbe7

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/a2c97e

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/30eeb0

Thumb of 2013-02-28/bitbit/73fb9e
Anyone else see a chameleon in this lichen?

Mar 4, 2013 11:27 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
From around my garden. Most things are out of season right now, so this is a mix of overwintered plant parts and early spring growth.

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/43542e

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/252861

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/cc47de

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/587182

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/82c762

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/856743

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/2f25cf

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/d9ca3d

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/e9ede9

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/ef5d75

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/8186ed

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/f28cd8

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/fe6b8b
Mar 4, 2013 11:33 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/0d985d

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/d2e9d8

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/be8fac

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/97c99d

Grass (no idea on type):
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/2f4943

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/12b8fe

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/49c5e1

Henbit (one of this hen's favorite common names Hilarious! ):
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/c79c0f

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/61fa4e

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/675928

I twisted the stem to make the square corners more apparent.
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/62cfb7

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/9e3057
Mar 4, 2013 11:41 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/ad9b68

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/0c7a2c

Unidentified wildflower (something in the viola family?)
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/f6639b

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/71ca33

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/629ae3

Unidentified evergreen hedge plant:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/795304

The stomata (holes for air exchange) on the leaf are visible in this one
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/997d68

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/1ce127

Sweet gum seed pod:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/afb55e

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/af338c

Dogwood flower bud:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a269ca

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/105519

Dogwood branchlet with leaf buds:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/c10d35
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Mar 4, 2013 11:48 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Pine seedling:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/682964

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/4e358c

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/ad2708

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/732e27

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/397974

A different unidentified evergreen hedge (they came with the house and I never bothered to figure it out *Blush* ):
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/1981e9

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/d6dcfe

Underside of hedge leaf:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/774097

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/b5668e

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/b53736

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/cb4755

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/acee2c
Mar 4, 2013 11:55 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a2d81a

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/aec7d2

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/109c44

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/308970

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/45c9f7

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/3f3a22

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a4a3ed

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a78707

My overwintered sage isn't doing very well. Chlorotic leaf:

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/4ae3f7

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/fe5188

Moldy leaf:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/55387f

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/fdecde

Leaf underside with mites:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/41879f

Bronze fennel:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/7958fe

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/b62d8f

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/8d7122
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Mar 4, 2013 12:02 PM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Unidentified wildflower:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/39402f

This was a very tender plant - it wilted in the few minutes between picking and getting a photo.
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a8301e

Hosta seed:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/5bd1d2

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/1c533e

Hosta plant - black spots are likely fungal:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/fb1103

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/f0a20b

Soil and mold on sweet potato skin:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/388c71

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/107da1

Luffa sponge:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/85e574

Dishwater (soap bubbles and oil drops):
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/cb82bc

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/e604b2

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/98c61e

Rat hairs:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/c18021

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/44e131

Whisker, guard hair and fluffy undercoat:
Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/a1784c

Thumb of 2013-03-04/bitbit/c7a604
Mar 4, 2013 4:25 PM CST
Name: kacee
southern california
those are some amazing pictures. always fascinating to see things under the microscope.
Mar 18, 2013 4:59 PM CST
Name: Cinda
Indiana Zone 5a
Truth is worth finding
Some amazing visuals
Yes I did see the chameleon in the above post , even before I read the question.
I remember when the kids were young we had a microscope that hooked up to a computer , we spent months just looking at everything close up. A few things were brought inside I had to say no to'' take that back out''. And some food you just never feel the same about after seeing it Rolling my eyes.

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