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  • Joined on February 13, 2010
  • Name: Tami Smith
  • Location: Valdosta, GA
  • Interests: gardening, crochet, singing, gardening :)
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The Poetry Corner
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A1 Garden Spot
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Caladiums for your Landscape
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Christian Church Committees
Cottage-in-the-Meadow Gardens
Country Maid Co-ops
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Cubit Classifieds
D & M Enterprises
Decorating with Custom Garden Pillows-CLOSED
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Ella's Garden
Evey's Blissful Banners!
Exotic and Rare Plants and Bulbs
Floriculture or Growing Flowers for Profit
Frogs, Bogs & Pollywogs
Games and Puzzles
Garden Art
Garden art: bought or made
Green Flower Farm
Greenhouse Growing
Grow Veggies By Zone
Growing Dahlias:
Guyton's Gems
Hands at Work
Heart Strength
Help! What's Wrong With My Plant?
Hibiscus - Tropical Hibiscus
Hibiscus Connection
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How To Do It
Hummingbird Gardening
It Was Then That He Carried Me
Jewelry Making
Let's Talk Annuals
Maggi's Garden Magic
Mid Atlantic Musings
Notes from the Garden
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Plant Identification
Pos'in mule
Prayer and Praise!!
Purslane & Portulaca
Recipes -- Mostly Quick And Easy
Seed Trading
SEEDS (sowing, growing & collecting)
Stark's Corner Store
Swaps and Trades
Sweet Interruptions
Take A Walk In Nature
Tea Party Etc.
The Database Shop
The Power of Angels
Trash to Treasure
trash to treasure/ mosaic with unusual objects
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Uncommon Scents Shop
Unique Seeds
Who's Who Spotlight
Wishlist Forum for plants
Working From Home
You Supply The Caption
YumYum Divas

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