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This is a cubit featuring the art of Shawna Khalily, (Soulja) a Louisville, KY artist working in the mediums of woodcuts.



What is Human? Human figures, human bodies acting out the human condition on paper and blocks of wood. From martyred saints and angels of the upper air, to haunting demons & impish ghosts playing out the whole landscape of human interaction: falling in love, going to war, ecstasy to anguish, the ways we connect and reject, toil and turn and return, the ways we torture and nurture, maneuver and love... and die.... and survive.... I'm into the way bodies look, and telling stories about the ways souls bond and respond and belong to one another.

Rilke says, If we love the questions of the deepest human mysteries enough... if we are engaged enough, if we have solitude enough... if we're poised to listen, and then I imagine, if we posit these questions with enough truth in each picture, then, as he says, "You will live your way into the answers."

Making pictures for me is just a way of living through the most human questions, the intensity, and confusion and curiosity about the essence of hearts and of purely being.

EXVOTO is latin and means a work of art as a gift or sacred offering.


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The Art of Shawna Khalily (aka: Soulja) website: www.khalily.com

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