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Image Remembering Swings
By Sharon Brown on November 9, 2011

There's just something about the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face that's magic. If I close my eyes I'm flying, free as a butterfly, happy as a lark, with not a care in the world. There's just something magic about swings.

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Image Dancing through Iowa
By Sharon Brown on May 29, 2011

My son said: "You're going to Iowa? What's in Iowa?" Actually, I wasn't sure when he asked me, but now that I've been there, oh wow! Let me tell you all about it. There are wonderful people, marvelous food, gorgeous rich land AND I even got to enjoy my second spring.

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Image Self-Publishing. Why Not?
By ToniLeland on March 25, 2011

Publishing your own book is not for everyone. In fact, most writers cower at the thought of paying to have their own work published, based on past public opinion that most self-published books are terrible; if they were any good, wouldn't someone have snapped up the stories, and sent the author on his or her way to fame and fortune?

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