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Image Stories from the Writers Cubit: The House by Seray
By Sharon Brown on April 4, 2010

We have some wonderful stories that are being written by members of our Writers and Words Cubit. From time to time I'll share them with you here. The following story was written by Seray. Her inspiration was only the photograph of the old house. Please share your comments with Seray following this story.

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Image Stories from the Writers Cubit: The Rocking Chair by Zanymuse
By Sharon Brown on April 5, 2010

This short story was written by Zanymuse in the Writers and Words Cubit. The writers were given a beginning, and those who wanted to do so could use their own words to end it. The beginning is italicized, followed by Zany's ending. Please share your comments with Zany at the end of this article.

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