Stories from the Writers Cubit: The House by Seray

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on April 4, 2010

We have some wonderful stories that are being written by members of our Writers and Words Cubit. From time to time I'll share them with you here. The following story was written by Seray. Her inspiration was only the photograph of the old house. Please share your comments with Seray following this story.

The House 

by Seray


We lurked in the shadows behind the old house watching the candle light flickering in the slice of space between the curtains. 

"Who is it, Tammy?" I whispered. 

"I can't see anybody," she complained. "I just see a candle sitting on the floor and there's a camera on a stand in the corner."

"Let's go around to the other side and look in th2010-04-04/Sharran/79aa8fere," I suggested.

"Wait!" she whispered as she grabbed my arm. "Look, that's LouAnn Bennett!"

"Let me see," I said as I elbowed my way to the slit. 

We both watched as a slim long haired girl walked quickly over to the camera. She squinted at it for a few seconds and then glanced around the room. We could see the candlelight flickering off her face and the sparkle of her earrings as she took in the old torn couch and the peeling wall paper. We could smell her perfume. 

"It's fine, Little Earl," she yelled impatiently. 

Tammy tightened her grip on my arm. 

"Don't yell, LouAnn," he scolded quietly as he walked rapidly into the room. 

"There ain't nothing here, Little Earl," she complained. "My momma said those were just rumors about Mrs. Edwards dying here."

"I don't care what your momma said, LouAnn," he argued. "Everybody knows this place is haunted. Tom and Randy came here and they heard whispers. They have a tape!"

"I heard the tape, Little Earl, and I think it was mice or flying squirrels or something," she pouted.

He put his arm around her and said, "Come on, LouAnn, you said you would come here with me. Let's just do what the videotape said and see what happens," he pleaded soothingly.

"Oh alright!" she sighed and they walked back into the front room. 

"Let's go around and see what they do, Tammy," I said, starting along the side.

"Ok, but I got to potty first," she said.

I sighed and whispered, "Let's go over there by those bushes," pointing to a big clump of shadow at the back of the yard.

We had begun our adventure once we were sure our mommas were in bed. Tammy was my cousin and we were 'camping out' in the hayloft. When we snuck out of the barn, the moon was so bright it painted shimmering silver on everything it touched.

The bullfrog and the whippoorwills sang to us as we cut happily across the hay fields. The rich earthy smells of hidden critters and ripened hay permeated our senses and made us giddy and light. When we got near the old homestead we noticed a truck parked in front and decided to sneak up and investigate.

"Do you think they'll kiss, Macy?" asked Tammy.

"They might," I agreed. I had entertained the idea earlier and decided that might be something I would like to see.

"OK, I'm ready. Let's go," she said as she hoisted up her jeans.

Just then we saw movement on the road near the truck. We both ducked down and watched.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. "That's Bailey! I thought you locked her up in the stall!"

"I did," she said. "That dog is a pest. She'll ruin everything!"

Bailey had sniffed us out by then and came wagging, long basset ears drooping. Just about the time she got close to us, she caught a scent and changed directions. Off she went down the side yard as fast as her little legs could go. 

"Alright!" I exclaimed. "Let's go around the side and have a look!"

As we came around the front of the house we could hear Little Earl talking. 

"If there's anybody here who wants to speak to us we'll be happy to talk to you," he said slowly and distinctly like he was talking to a deaf person.

From our vantage point Tammy and I had a pretty clear view into both rooms and we didn't see anyone but LouAnn. She was sitting on the floor next to the candle filing her nails. 

"We understand you died in this house," Little Earl said. "Can you tell us your name?"

Tammy put her hand over her mouth so as not to giggle.

"Were you murdered here?" Little Earl asked hopefully.

LouAnn looked up disgustedly and Tammy squeaked through her fingers. 

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bailey running straight for the house. Tammy saw her, too, and she looked at me. Before we could gather ourselves to run, Bailey charged under the porch and began to bay. It sounded like the devil himself coming right out of the ground. 

LouAnn screamed and jumped straight up from the floor. 

"Run, LouAnn!" croaked Little Earl as he bolted out the door. "Run!"

Bailey was banging those old rotten floor joist pretty hard and you could hear the thumping from where we were standing. 

LouAnn seemed frozen in place. Her arms were kinda stiff and her eyes went wildly around that dim lit room. They came to light on our faces which were by then pressed up to the glass. She let out a bone chilling yell and flung her nail file at us. She the followed Little Earl out the door. 

Bailey came out the side of the house about the time she hit the front step. One more howl from that dog set her to running for her very life. Little Earl had the door open for her and they spun out so hard it peppered us all with gravel. 

Bailey took off running and baying in the same direction and in a few short minutes Tammy and I found ourselves alone. It happened so fast we were too surprised to laugh. We just stood there and looked at each other. 

All of a sudden it got dead silent and we both looked back into the house at the same time. The hair on my arm stood up. The candles were still burning bright and we could see the camera in the other room. We watched spellbound as it slowly turned toward us. Then something blew out the lights.

We didn't stop to catch our breath until we were clear across the field next to the barn. I never ran so hard in my life. We slept in my room that night with the lights on and didn't say a word. We never went back to that house and till this very day we never told a soul about Mrs. Edwards. 

~Thanks, Seray, what a chillingly fun story!

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