Changing Directions

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on March 14, 2011

It's never too late to change directions, especially if the new direction leads to wonderful things. The older I get the more I resist change; recently I took a deep breath and jumped right into the middle of a dream I'd had for a long time. Let me tell you about all the changes...

It's funny how things happen. When I was little I wanted to be an artist and a writer. My dad told me that an artist wouldn't make any money and my mom said writers had to live in big cities so somebody could publish their work; so I thought for awhile that I might have to give up my dreams. I knew I'd need money and I also knew there weren't any publishers anywhere near the head of the hollow where I grew up in southeast Kentucky.  So I became an art teacher and sneaked into my studies all the literature and writing classes I could 2011-03-14/Sharran/973eb9find. The writing was cast aside during the years I taught but I could still read books and I could still paint pictures; I decided I'd write later.

Now it's later and I still want to write. When Cubits was born, I saw my opportunity and started several cubits. One of them was called Writers and Words. From that cubit I published a few articles, had fun with others who shared their written work, gathered together some like-minded friends and we wrote a few round-robin stories. It occurred to me that a lot of my friends were talented writers who might like to take their work a step beyond the writing cubit.

I'd had several articles published as well as a short story or two but I thought I might have enough words left over to string together into a book, so I began to wonder if I could find a way to bring publishing opportunities into our Writers Cubit. After all, writing and words and books were what we were all about. But breaking into the publishing world is a whole other story and I didn't know where to start.

I started reading blogs, author's bios, Amazon, magazines, ezines, ebooks, anything I could find that might lead me to a way to bring the world of publishing into the cubit. On one of my forays into the world of authors, I ran into an old friend, Toni Leland. Toni is a published author with a following all her own. I'd written with Toni on another website some years ago and we'd been friends at that time. Her email address happened to be on her blog page. I wondered if she would remember me. If she didn't, I figured I'd just jog her memory and so I sent her a note.

The very next day 2011-03-14/Sharran/49b239I had an email from her, and her first words were: "Did you write your book?" That beautiful question made me smile. She remembered!

One thing led to another and here we are. With Toni's help we turned the Writing Cubit into a writer's paradise. Oh it isn't quite filled with content yet, but we're getting there. After all, we've had a 48 hour marathon just setting it up exactly the way we wanted, but the content will follow now that the organization is done. 

When you get to the Writing Cubit, you'll find the home page has four pictures and descriptions on it. When you click on each picture or description, you'll be taken to the forum that's described. Dave helped us set it up and with his magic touch, the site is very easy to navigate. Once you get to the forum, you'll find threads on subjects pertaining to the forum topic. The last picture on the home page is the Attic. We've stored all the threads that were in the original Writers Cubit in the Attic. They are live and are still open for your comments or questions.

Another feature is our Database. Zanymu2011-03-14/Sharran/7fbb65se is in total control there and she has faithfully loaded it with all Cubit articles. If you read an article and it suddenly is gone from home page, don't worry, you can find it again in our Database.

We'll soon have more features: pages filled with links to resource material, how-to-manuals that will help writers grow, and links to publishers, both traditional as well as self publishing groups.

That's the change and that's the plan. We are growing and we are opening up more possibilities than I'd even dreamed of. Want to self publish? We'll give you a link and show you how. How about digital publishing? What about just simply learning to write in a more creative way? There will be help and discussion that covers it all in the Writing Cubit

From time to time Toni and I will share informative articles pertaining to writing with you. There's one today about genres. As much as I've written over the years, I didn't realize how many types of writing there are to choose from.

Come visit us. The door is open. I've even left the light on for you!


The photos show a tiny portion of my book collection. Yep! I am a book hoarder!

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About Sharon Brown
I am a retired Art and Humanities teacher. I write a lot and I paint a lot and I enjoy gardening here in western Kentucky.

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