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Mar 14, 2011 5:18 PM CST
Name: Horseshoe Griffin
Efland, NC
And in the end...a happy beginning!
3-G, conversation is one thing to add to a story, muttering also counts! *grin (I'm a mutterer.)

As he left the room, wet-butted with coffee that was surely to stain his south-side, he was heard to mumble, "Dagnabbit, I know she did that 'cus of all the sugar. (mumble/mutter-mutter.) If only she'd understand I meant only the best. (mutter/mumble-mumble.) Why do I put up with that woman, you'd a'thunk after all these years she'd know I'm looking out for her best...(mutter/mumble-mumble....) That coffee would taste better in my mouth than on my....

She could barely hear his words, most likely because her own muttering canceled his. "Tight jeans. Humph! (Mutter/mumble.) I declare, that man's opinion oughta be in jail, without him, all alone! Lawsy! (Mumble/mutter.) You think after all this time he'd understand my jeans are tight cus I need a pair from this year, not from the '80s. Humph! Dagnabbit, wish I hadn't thrown that last cuppa coffee....

......*grin. Sorry, couldn't help but point out conversation goes on singly, too.

By the way, Sharon, how does one enter muttering into a writing? Hugs!
(He muttered. She muttered. He/she muttered incessantly....?)

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