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Jun 24, 2010 7:39 PM CST
Name: Marylyn
Houston, TX
Hi, everyone! I have a weird problem... at least I think it's weird! I've made several dishcloths and 2 market bags with the Sugar 'n Creme cotton yarn. I really like it, but I have found that if I crochet for a long stretch of time, I get hives on my arms. At first I didn't connect the yarn to the hives (the hives appear on the backs of my arms, from my wrist to my elbow - but not on my hands or where I am actually touching the yarn.. I told you it was weird!), but it has happened 3 times now, and it's always while I am crocheting, and always with this yarn. The last time was yesterday, and my throat started swelling up, too, so obviously there is something about this yarn I am very allergic to! It can't be the cotton... so maybe there is some sizing on the yarn?

Assuming it is something like sizing, what is the best way to wash yarn? Should I unroll it and wash it loose? Unroll it and wrap it around a towel or dishcloth? Or leave it rolled up and put it inside a pillow case? Any suggestions?

Of course I figured all of this out AFTER I ordered $50 worth of yarn! I am/was planning on making some more sets of market bags and dishtowels for Christmas presents, but if washing the yarn doesn't work I guess I'll have to sell the yarn and try something else. Bummer.

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