It's Getting Quiet In Here...

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on May 15, 2010

Every year around this time I begin to see comments in various forums that things are slow...people post ..."Where is everyone?" or "Why is it so quiet in here?" I think we have all noticed it. But why? What should we be doing about it?

We are experiencing two distinct causes for the slowdown here at Cubits.

 First is the normal seasonal slowdown. Spring and summer brings a great desire to get outside after the long dark days of winter. Many of those who are still experiencing wintry conditions are beginning to migrate to warmer climates. Students are cramming all they can before they go on summer breaks, gardeners are beginning to enjoy the longer days out of doors, vacations are being planned or taken and those who are at home are experiencing more visitors to entertain...2010-05-15/Zanymuse/598816

Second, we are experiencing  the natural slow down of a new web site after the initial growth spurt...and we find a seemingly insurmountable fall in traffic. It can seem like we are moving backward. But we should look at it as an opportunity to move forward!

During this slow period we have a chance to concentrate on improving our content, renewing our efforts to get the word out, researching ways to boost our rankings in the search engines and maybe even catching up on a few chores or getting a little sunshine...

 According to XiTi Monitor, June through September the overall Web shows a strong negative seasonal effect on  traffic, with August being the worst.

So what can we do? One thing you can do is to gear your content to what is relevent to the season as much as possible. Pet sites can focus on information that will keep pets comfortable in the heat, provide travel tips for pets, or write a "how to" keep you pet from panic during the local fireworks displays.

Cooking sites can feature "cold meals" or outdoor feasts and picnic foods, tips for keeping food fresh and safe to eat when you are spending the day at a park or are camping out for a week or more. . . you get the idea.

Plan ahead: Now is the time to prepare for the busier months to come. Write articles now for publication during the more hectic fall and winter months and holidays. By having them ready to go you will be able to present them at the appropriate time for the greatest impact. If you wait until mid December to write an article on Christmas waited too long. Many people  begin searching for this type of projects when the kids are back in school and they have time to start and finish a project for use in December. Be sure to add quick and easy projects for those who "don't do complicated" and for those who put everything off until the last minute. Magazines and Macy's all know that it takes a year to prepare for next years holiday extravaganzas...if you plan ahead you too can have that WOW! factor.

Expand your world... Now is the perfect time to research other sites of shared interest. Get to know other web sites, join in their forums and invite them to visit yours, make friends and add links to the ones that you truly believe would be of interest to your own followers.  People you befriend on their own sites are going to be more prone to check yours out and hopefully add a link to it because they have decided that it is in the best interest of their own followers to do so.

Review, renew and improve: review your site and look for ways to improve it. Check your keywords. Your site has grown and has probably changed since you first set it up. Do your tags and keywords reflect the way your site is now? In preparing this article I decided to take my own advice and went back to my control panel to see what tags and keywords I had in place...I did not have a single tag for web or website tutorials and the tags I did have had little hope of helping any search engine decipher what this site was about.

Please do not let this very natural ebb and flow discourage you!

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About Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse
I have been playing on the www for many years and in the process have created several small web sites. I am curious by nature and the opportunity to be a small part of this new community as it evolves has been a real pleasure.

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